Czech Schools Without Borders

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It is not only the children of Czech citizens living abroad who can use this opportunity to learn and improve their Czech language through interactive and entertaining activities. At present, Czech Schools Without Borders work with children who are interested in the Czech language in 15 towns around the world.

Czech Schools Without Borders are designed for all children who would like to learn Czech, i.e. to speak, sing, read, write and think in Czech, as well as explore the culture and history of the Czech Republic, all through the use of music, recitation and art. Czech Schools Without Borders is a non-government, non-profit organisation whose mission is to teach the Czech language and Czech realia to pupils from 18 months to 15 years of age. The lessons in this school are added to regular education in basic schools.

The latest Czech School Without Borders is the Czech School Rome which was established under the compatriot association Associazione Praga. Beginning from October 2011, lessons are facilitated every Saturday morning. The most distant Czech School Without Borders is the school branch based in Sydney, Australia. As regards Europe, Czech Schools Without Borders have been established in London, Paris, Zurich, Munich, Berlin and other cities.

Each school has its own cultural-and-educational programme. The Czech School Without Borders in Paris, for example, organises Czech Language Certificate Exams (CCE); the school in Geneva prepares kite-flying contests and other entertaining events for children and their parents. Czech compatriots develop their activities through these schools as well, for example, a new website was established for compatriots in the USA, Canada and Mexico.
Author: Andrea Kábelová
Source: Ceská škola bez hranic
Added: 23.11.2011

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