Czech language at a high level of difficulty (advanced)

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Do you speak Czech and need to improve your language skills but cannot live in our country for a while? Visit one of 24 Czech Centres that are presently operated in 21 states of three continents. Is the Czech language your hobby? You can enrol in Czech Studies at more than 50 universities located in 27 countries worldwide.

Lovers of the Czech language and Czech culture may come across the Czech language elsewhere. Since 1993, Czech culture and the good reputation of the Czech Republic has been spread worldwide by Czech Centres. Their main purpose is to promote the Czech culture, language and tourism and to support international trade as well. The range of activities is wide: in 2009, the people working for the Czech Centres prepared and implemented hundreds of events for nearly 3.5 million visitors.  You can find the nearest Czech Centre here.

Besides exhibitions that present works created by Czech artists, Czech film projections and theatre performances featuring plays written by Czech playwrights, the Czech Centres organize Czech courses abroad, too. For example, in Paris, London or Berlin, Czech courses are offered to pre-schoolers and elementary school pupils as well. Foreign students interested in studies at a Czech university may participate in preparatory Czech courses organized by the Czech Centres for them.

Other places where you can come into contact with Czech language and literature are Czech language centres and departments at numerous universities and colleges worldwide, including world-renowned institutions such as the Sorbonne in Paris, Udine University in Italy, Dresden’s Technical University, Moscow’s Lomonosov University (or here), Spain’s University in Santiago de Compostela or Harvard University in the United States.

You can find a list of other centres – Czech language lecturerships – here. The Czech Literature Portal has published their own Overview of foreign Czech scholars and friends of Czech literature including direct contact information.
Author: Andrea Kábelová
Source: Dum zahranicních služeb, Bohemistika – Literárnevedný informacní servis, Portál ceské literatury
Added: 15.06.2010

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