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Best Schoolbook Award for a Czech Textbook about Humanity and the Human World

photo:  (fraus.cz)

The Best European Schoolbook of the Year 2011 is the Czech Prvouka pro 2. ročník základních škol (Introduction to Sciences for Grade 2, primary school) published by Fraus Publishing in Pilsen. The jury of the European Educational Publishers Group, consisting of European pedagogues, didactics experts and publishers, was intrigued by the non-traditional concepts in this Czech textbook.

In the subject called “Prvouka” (Introduction to Sciences), second year students learn about nature, history and the world around them, as well as about situations they may encounter and should be able to cope with. The subject is alternatively called “Vlastivěda” (My World) or “Člověk a jeho svět” (Humanity and the Human World).

The awarded schoolbook introduces children to a variety of phenomena including multiculturalism. Students are taught that difference does not mean threat – to the contrary, it might be interesting and stimulating. The schoolbook presents situations which may emerge when in contact with other ethnicities, including conflict. Children should be prepared for and capable of mitigating them. The schoolbook enables students to identify potentially dangerous situations as well as the ways to ask adults for help. The multicultural approach is intertwined with the presentation of events such as Christmas. In this chapter children will discover how Christmas is celebrated in other countries and cultures.

A special jury prize from the European Educational Publishers Group was awarded to the interactive schoolbook Zeměpis pro 9. ročník a víceletá gymnázia (Geography for Grade 9 and lower gymnasium students). In addition to geography students are introduced to a variety of issues in large cities, both in contrasting issues between developed countries and those yet to develop, as well as to the impacts of heavy traffic upon the environment and climate change.

There were 40 books representing 20 publishers in this year’s competition.
Author: Andrea Kábelová
Source: www.fraus.cz
Added: 17.12.2011

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