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Deadline for sending applications is approaching – universities attract new students

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Thousands of young people annually apply to universities and colleges in the Czech Republic. Some areas of studies, such as medicine, law and art, are so popular that many applicants do not get to study at their dream school. Furthermore, an increasing number of foreigners are interested in studying in the Czech Republic as well.

Universities and colleges regularly organise so-called Open House Days at the turn of the year where students can explore the premises of their future studies, but more importantly they can meet the teachers and see the technical and studying equipment of their potential alma mater.

The Open House Days serve to persuade students to apply for that particular university or college. The deadline for submitting applications to most universities is on 28 February. However, other educational institutions (usually technical and agricultural universities and private colleges) do not require students to apply until the end of March or April. Students may apply to numerous schools but will have to pay the administrative fee for each application, usually about CZK 500. Most schools offer electronic submission of application forms. You will find detailed information on the individual websites of each particular educational institution.

Education at public universities and colleges in the Czech language is free of charge. On the other hand, those interested in studying in English or any other language must take paying for their tuition into account. You will find a list of all accredited study programmes at public and private Czech universities and colleges here. Column H provides information concerning the language of the programme: A for English, N for German, R for Russian, P for Polish, etc.


Author: Andrea Kábelová
Added: 05.01.2013

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