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Czech educational institutions are recognized and sought after for a variety of reasons: their long-standing reputations, unique conception and interesting specializations. Important criteria also include concern about concrete institutions for both Czech and foreign students.


The following public educational institutions are among the best-known and most sought after in the Czech Republic: 

Academy of Performing Arts
Malostranské Square 12, 118 00 Prague 1

The Academy of Performing Arts was founded in 1945 and represents a type of artsuniversity. It offers instruction in the arts of drama, music, dance, audiovisual techniques, photography, multimedia and related specializations including research activities. Education also focuses on the history of these arts, theory classes and reflection.

At AMU, there were 1,372 students as of January 30, 2006. 

Czech Technical University
Zikova 4, 166 36 Prague 6

CTU is a public university that was established in 1717. Technical studies at this university are divided into seven faculties: Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Nuclear Science and Physical Engineering, Architecture and Transportation Science and Biomedical Engineering. The university also employs two constituent parts: the Klokner Institute and the Masaryk Institute of Advanced Studies.

Charles University
Ovocný trh 5, 116 36 Prague 1

Charles University was founded April 7, 1348, by Czech king and future Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire Charles IV. Today, Charles University is composed of 17 relatively independent and self-governing faculties (14 in Prague, two in Hradec Králove and one in Plzeň); three university institutes; six other positions for educational, scientific, research, developmental and other activities or for providing information services; five university facilities and a Rector's Office as the central management. The university employs more than 7,000 people, of which 4,000 are academians and researchers. 

Over 42,400 students attend Charles University (i. e. one-fifth of all university students in the Czech Republic); they study in more than 270 accredited educational programs and 600 departments.

Masaryk University
Žerotínovo Square 9, 601 77 Brno

This university, named after the first Czechoslovak president, Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk, was established in 1919. 

Today, it is a typical research institution. The most popular specializations include science and medicine. Beside this, Masaryk University has seven additional faculties: Law, Education, Arts, Economics and Administration, Informatics, Social Studies and Sports Studies.

Silesian University
Na Rybníčku 1, 746 01 Opava

The establishment of Silesian University in Opava in 1989 serves as an example of the overall democratic development of the Czech Republic when, after deconstruction of the state centralism, regional development became a priority.

Silesian University is a member of the European University Association, a treatise on cooperation among many foreign universities. Contacts are being intensively developed also with nearby universities, especially in Poland. Working positions in Opava and Karviná are engaged in research and developmental projects supported with publications and scientific conferences that Silesian University arranges.

Palacký University
Křížkovského 8, 771 47 Olomouc

Palacky University offers study programs at seven faculties: St. Cyril and Methodius Faculty of Theology, Medicine, Philosophy, Science, Pedagogy, Physical Culture and Law. Over 16,600 students attend this university.

The František Palacký Award is an appreciation of outstanding achievements in the sciences or arts, which raises the prestige of the Czech Republic and of Palacký University. The award is given in the name of Palacký University by the rector. The award was introduced June 14, 1998, on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of Palacky´s birth.

University of Economics
W. Churchill Square 4, 130 67 Prague 3

The University of Economics is well-known among the public as the only institution that offered an education in economics Czechoslovakia before 1989. 

The University of Economics in Prague has six faculties: the Faculty of Finance and Accounting, the Faculty of International Relations, the Faculty of Business Administration, the Faculty of Statistics and Informatics and the Faculty of Economics and Public Administration (in Jindřichův Hradec).

The current president of the Czech Republic, Václav Klaus, graduated from the University of Economics in 1963 with a specialization in Economy of Foreign Trade.

University of West Bohemia
Univerzitní 8, 306 14 Plzen

The University of West Bohemia offers many programs for Czech and foreign students. It is the only institution of higher education in this part of the country that prepares students for careers in engineering (electrical and mechanical), science (computer science, applied mathematics, physics, mechanics), education (for both primary and secondary school teachers in a wide range of subjects), fine arts, economics, humanities (philosophy, sociology, foreign languages, social and cultural anthropology, archeology), law and public administration.

The university is also engaged in student exchange programs. 

Tomas Bata University
nám. T. G. Masaryka 5555, 760 01 Zlín

Tomas Bata University in Zlín (TBU) is a progressive university, open to all new ideas. Its six faculties offer their 13,500 students the possibility of studying the following disciplines: Technology, economics, humanities, arts and health care. One of the essential parts of the University’s activities is research and development.

The University provides education for students from all over the world. Its graduates are issued with the Diploma Supplement, which is recognized throughout Europe.
The University aims to become one of the most prominent universities in the world. Therefore, it has always been bilingual – English and Czech are of equal importance. TBU uses a unified credit transfer system compatible with other European universities.
For more information please refer to www.utb.cz.

More important educational institutions:
Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague
Academy of Fine Arts in Prague
Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design, Prague
Czech University of Life Sciences, Prague
Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno
Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry in Brno
University of Ostrava
Silesian University in Opava
Technical University of Liberec
University of Hradec Králové
University of Jan Evangelista Purkyně
Palacký University Olomouc
University of Pardubice
University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences Brno
Technical University of Ostrava
College of Polytechnics Jihlava



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