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Eleven Czech and Moravian schools have gained the title Global Action School. The certificate placed them among 160 primary and secondary schools in other European countries that can use the Global Action School title. In order to gain this title, the students of the school have to participate in their community life, and their activities must be linked to solving global issues.

The Global Action School project is focused on developing global education and is based on the assumption that schools form an inseparable part of local and world community. By spreading awareness about global issues at schools, it aims to employ the potential of schools in solving the particular global issues of our time, as well as any problems their local community face, which can consequently be beneficial for all citizens.

As for the Czech Republic, the title was awarded to e.g. the primary school in Vsetín, whose pupils decided to support the sale of products from minor producers in developing countries so that they receive an adequate reward for their work. Therefore, they organised a conference for the mayor and local journalists and local administration about fair trade. The awarded project of the students of Mendel’s Secondary School in Nový Jičín was dedicated to the importance of water in developing countries. They drew inspiration from their own experiences with the repeated flooding the region had recently suffered. The pupils of the primary school in Deblín outside Brno also examined ecological issues. They studied to what extent their school is energetically economical. 

In the Czech Republic, the title Global Action School is awarded by the non-profit organisation People In Need, who have already awarded it to 15 Czech schools. Apart from the Czech Republic, schools from e.g. Slovakia, Poland, Austria, Malta and Thailand also participate in the project. In the CR, the project is carried out under the auspices of the first vice Prime Minister and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the CR, Duke Karel Schwarzenberg.

You can find the criteria for obtaining the title Global Action School here.


Author: Andrea Kábelová
Added: 07.04.2012

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