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Labour Law Regulations Valid in the Czech Republic

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The relations between employees and employers in the Czech Republic are governed by the labour law consisting of a number of acts, decrees and regulations of the government.

The main sources of the labour law are three acts: the Labour Code, the Collective Bargaining Act and the Employment Act.
The area of labour law is governed by other important regulations, namely: the act stipulating further requirements for health and safety at work, the labour inspection act, the sickness insurance act and the social security act. The full list of legal regulations valid in the Czech Republic is available here.

The Labour Code (Act No. 262/2006 Coll., as amended by Act No. 585/2006 Coll.) – is the Czech Republic’s fundamental regulation in the area of labour law. It regulates, inter alia, the following labour law relations: the way of origination, duration and termination of employment, working discipline, working conditions, working hours, breaks at work, overtime work, night work, sick leave etc. It also regulates the wage and reimbursement of wage, occupational health and safety, employee care, female and juvenile workers' working conditions, labour disputes, compensation for damage and the like.
The Collective Bargaining Act (Act No. 2/1991 Coll.) – regulates the collective negotiations between the respective trade unions organisations and employers, the participation of the state, as the case may be, the purpose of which is the conclusion of an collective agreement. It regulates the requisites of the collective agreement, the procedure of concluding collective agreements, collective disputes, strike within a dispute related to the conclusion of a collective agreement, etc.
The Employment Act (Act No. 435/2004 Coll.) – regulates the provision of the state’s employment policy, the goal of which is to attain full employment rate and protection against unemployment, fair treatment and ban on discrimination in the course of persons asserting their right to employment, the activities performed by labour offices and their powers, the assessment of natural persons’ health condition and healthcare providers’ cooperation with the assessment of their health condition, the right to employment.

The Labour Code is closely linked to the Act Stipulating Further Requirements for Health and Safety at Work (Act No. 309/2006 Coll.), which regulates further requirements concerning occupational health and safety in labour law relations as well as the provision for the protection of health and safety at work or the provision of services outside labour law relations.

The Labour Inspection Act (Act No. 251/2005 Coll.) – regulates the establishment and position of labour inspection authorities as supervisory authorities in the area of protection of labour relations and working conditions, the powers and competences of the labour inspection authorities as well as the rights and duties applying to the inspection and sanctions in the event of violating the required duties.
The Sickness Insurance Act (Act No. 187/2006 Coll.) – this act regulates the sickness insurance covering temporary inability to work, ordered quarantines, pregnancy and maternity, providing medical care to or taking care of a family member, the organisation and implementation of the insurance. The implementation of the insurance also refers to the health condition examination for the purpose of the insurance.
The Social Security Act (Act No. 100/1988 Coll.) – guarantees all citizens’ right to social security. The social security allowances are provided by the state and are not subjected to taxation. The right to social security allowances does not expire by elapsing of time.
All valid labour law regulations are available at http://www.mpsv.cz.
Author: Romana Kuncová
Source: www.mpsv.cz
Added: 18.10.2010

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