Camping in the CR

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Like anywhere else in the world, camping is the cheapest type of accommodation in the Czech Republic. There are about 500 campsites in the Czech Republic. They are usually situated in areas attracting many tourists, in the middle of nature near localities convenient for swimming, mushrooming, fishing, cycling and taking trips.

The biggest density of campsites is in southern Bohemia, in the vicinity of Prague or the Šumava Mountains. There are relatively fewer campsites in the Plzen Region or in central Moravia. Czech campsites usually offer, apart from sites, accommodation in cabins with or without facilities, luxurious or standardly equipped bungalows and rooms, caravans, etc.

What are the most popular localities for camping in the CR?

Mácha’s Lake
The area surrounding Mácha’s Lake (Map) has been always extremely popular. The biggest attractions of this region are the romantic atmosphere, mysterious ravines, extraordinary rock formations and especially the large lake (284 ha). Visitors can spend their holiday on the beaches around the lake but they can also visit many natural and cultural monuments, for example, ruins or medieval castles (Bezděz (Map), Houska (Map), Kokořín (Map), Lemberk (Map)). The surrounding area offers a dense network of cycling and hiking trails. 

South Bohemia and the Šumava Mountains
There are countless ponds and campsites in southern Bohemia. The most popular of them include the Lipno Reservoir, which also offers the biggest number of campsites in the region. The area surrounding Lipno (Map) offers hundreds of hiking and cycling trails. You can enjoy various sport activities directly at the reservoir. Lovers of historical monuments can visit the nearby city of Český Krumlov (Map), which is included on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The Šumava Mountains are one of the most sought-after recreational areas in the CR due to their favourable natural conditions. Apart from many opportunities for hiking, cycling, agro tourism or tourism focused on discovering historical places of interest and traditions, it offers other types of recreation such as fishing, game hunting and mushrooming.

South Moravia
One of the most attractive areas for camping in southern Moravia is the Vranov Reservoir. Cycling and hiking enthusiasts will appreciate the number of marked trails in the Podyjí National Park that spreads over into Austria. As for cultural monuments, the most popular tourist sites include Vranov Chateau (Map), Bítov Castle (Map) and the Cornštejn Castle (Map) ruins.

Another attractive tourist region of southern Bohemia is the Pálava (Map) Region. It is one of the warmest and driest areas in the Czech Republic, which facilitates the cultivation of wine as well as the appearance of flowers that you will not find in any other place of the CR. The Nové Mlýny (Map) Reservoir is convenient for swimming as well as many other water sports. The famous Lednice-Valtice Complex (Map), included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, is nearby.

East Bohemia
There are numerous reservoirs with many campsites in this region, such as the campsites by the Seč (Map) or Rozkoš (Map) reservoirs near the city of Česká Skalice (Map). Eastern Bohemia has recently been growing more and more popular with Czech tourist as well as foreigners. It offers many opportunities for swimming and water sports, hiking and cycling. Agrotourism is spreading throughout the whole region, especially horse breeding.

You will find a complete list of campsites in the CR here.

Author: Romana Kuncová
Added: 03.07.2012

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