Finding accommodation in the CZ - Part 2 – renting property

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Are you looking for accommodation in the Czech Republic for an extended period, maybe for one year? Then the ideal alternative for you is renting property. Enlist the assistance of a real estate agency. And take care to find out the contents of your lease contract.

Are you looking for accommodation in the Czech Republic for an extended period, maybe for one year? Then the ideal alternative for you is renting property. Enlist the assistance of a real estate agency. And take care to find out the contents of your lease contract.

Selecting a real estate agency

Looking for a rental apartment in an environment you are not familiar with may not be the best decision. On the contrary property rental is an everyday routine service provided by real estate agencies. It is a good idea to contact a well-known and verified real estate agency, which has been active in the area in which you wish to rent a property for an extended period. The largest Czech agencies with offices in various regions throughout the CZ include M&M Reality and AAA BYTY.CZ. International real estate agencies are also active on the Czech real estate market, for instance X4 REMAX X4.
You can find offers from throughout the Republic from many real estate agencies on real estate servers, for instance. S Reality, Reality iDNES or X7 Reality Mix X7. Unfortunately most real estate servers are currently only available in the Czech language.

It is also a good idea to verify the reliability of a real estate agency. You can find information about real estate agencies, including economic results, or information about whether the company is in liquidation, etc. in the Commercial Register, which is available on the internet on the Justice.cz portal. Unfortunately these pages are currently also only available in Czech.

It is naturally a good idea to look at the real estate agency’s website. Look for an office that offers complex services, has its own legal department and whose real estate agents speak foreign languages. A good real estate agency will also be able to prepare translation of contractual documents into a foreign language.

Lease or sub-lease

The rented apartment may be owned either privately or by a co-operative. Privately owned apartments belong to a specific person or business company, which is also registered as the owner in the Real Estate Register. With respect to privately owned apartments a lease contract0 is concluded between the lessor and the tenant. We recommend that you write up a lease contract exclusively with the owner of the property.

A co-operative apartment is owned by a co-operative. In this case a lease contract is concluded between the co-operative and the co-operative member who owns the co-operative share to this apartment. A sub-lease contract is then concluded with the party interested in renting this apartment.

Both lease and sub-lease contracts are governed by the Civic Code1. The key difference between these two types of contract is in the length of their period of notice. The statutory period of notice for lease contracts is three months, while any period of notice may be arranged in sub-lease contracts.
A sub-lease contract is also specific in several other aspects, by which it differs from lease contracts. To ensure that it is valid the tenant – co-operative member – must have the consent of the property owner, i.e. the co-operative. Therefore you must always ask to see the co-operative’s consent to a sub-lease of the apartment when renting a co-operative apartment. The sub-lease contract for a co-operative apartment must also be governed by the co-operative’s regulations as well as the Civic Code.

The remaining prerequisites of sub-lease and lease contracts are identical. The contract is usually concluded for a limited period, most frequently for one year.

Prerequisites of lease (sub-lease) contracts:

  • Must be in writing.
  • Both parties must be specified – name, birth registration number or date of birth and citizen’s id. card or passport number.
  • The rented apartment unit must be specified – apartment number, floor, number of rented rooms, possibly cellar or garage number.
  • The number and names of people who will be living in the apartment together with the tenant, are usually also given, as well as whether the area is smoking or non-smoking and whether pets are permitted. The tenant must notify the lessor of any changes to the number of people within fifteen days. During breach of this agreement the lessor is entitled to terminate the lease immediately.
  • Purpose of use of the apartment – usually accommodation or office.
  • Lessor’s rights.
  • Tenant’s rights, for instance the possibility of building modifications or sub-lease to additional individuals.
  • It is a good idea to arrange which repairs will be assured by the tenant and which repairs by the lessor.
  • Duration of the contract and the option of extension or notice.
  • Specification of the price – the rent is usually given separately from the price for services. During long-term lease the possibility of an increase in rent by the inter-annual increase in inflation is also determined.
  • A refundable deposit is also usually determined. According to the Civic Code this may be a maximum of three times the monthly rent including fees for services. This deposit is paid together with the first rent. It serves the lessor as security in the event of damage to property or non-payment of the rent.
  • Appendices – record of handing over, list of apartment furnishings, record of handing over keys, record of the current value on utility metres.
Author: Dana Jakešová
Added: 20.05.2010

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