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Western for children

photo:  (westernove-mestecko.cz)

Native Americans and adventure stories situated in the Wild West have always been very popular worldwide.

You probably know the name Karl May and his fictional heroes, too – Winnetou, Old Shatterhand, Nscho-tchi or Hatatitla – and you have probably read more than one of these books. In the summer, you and your children may enjoy the true atmosphere of the Wild West in a western amusement city. Why not to spend a week this way? Come and explore – you definitely will not be wasting your time.

Šiklův Mlýn in Zvole nad Pernštejnem (map) is the largest and probably the best known open-air western amusement centre in the Czech Republic. Its history goes back to the year 1990, when Libor Šikl, the founder, organised one of the very first country sessions located in a temporary country city named after the Bobrůvka River – "Beaver City". Since then, the locality has greatly developed, and offers high-quality accommodation, entertainment and beautiful nature. All these attractions mean a paradise for a family holiday with children. Attractive western performances take place every day except Mondays. Of course, you can take a swim in an outdoor swimming-pool, ride a horse or participate in adventurous events like "military & off-road".
Of course, there is period accommodation and refreshments in Šiklův Mlýn, for example, in tee-pees. You can take part in country dancing lessons and wear period costumes. The illusion of the Wild West is just perfect.

The Boskovice Western Park (map) is situated in a former sandstone quarry in Moravia. Its atmosphere will certainly enchant you – and you will become an Indian or a cowboy – at least for a while. The biggest attractions are a natural amphitheatre with a gorgeous waterfall, an Indian camp, and saloons – and there is a restaurant and a hotel, too.  You can enjoy performances inspired by the traditional Indian lifestyle, horse shows, lasso performances and various complementary programmes. What is more, the premises offer a great variety of nooks and crannies that hide attractions for children and adults where you can try out various skills.

Author: Petra Hubálková
Source: http://www.westernove-mestecko.cz/, http://www.western.cz/page.php?ide=1
Added: 16.06.2010

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