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Payers of insurance premiums: The situation for self-employed persons

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Self-employed persons are participants of public health insurance and:

  • pay premiums themselves in the form of a monthly deposit and following end-of-year accounting,
  • are liable, within eight days of the commencement or termination of self-employed activities, to notify this fact to the health insurer,
  • are liable to present their new health insurer with a document stating the level of the deposit paid, should they change insurer.

Should self-employed persons not pay premiums duly and on time, they risk incurring a financial penalty from the insurer. The insurer will recover insurance payments and the penalty from that person.

These persons have access to sickness insurance in the form of voluntary participation.

If self-employed persons do not participate in public health insurance, they must take out contractual insurance with VZP.


I want to do business in the Czech Republic. How can I get insured? What do I have to do to get insurance?

In this case, it is necessary to differentiate between a number of different situations you might find yourself in:

  • You have Czech residency status. In this case, you are a participant of the system of public health insurance. You are required to inform your health insurer within eight days of the start of your self-employment; the same applies for the conclusion of such activities. You are the payer of the premiums. You pay premiums in the form of a deposit and supplementary payments.
  • You hold a self-employment visa. In this case, you must gain contractual insurance from VZP. As of July 1, 2001, it is not necessary to provide confirmation of health insurance for the whole period of the visa in order to obtain it.

Contractual health insurance can be agreed for a period of six to 12 months under the General Insurance Conditions.

The insurance coverage starts on the day given as the start of insurance coverage in the contract and terminates on the expiry of the agreed period. VZP provides supplementary health care for payment for 12 months. In the case of long-term contractual insurance, the policyholder can request an extension of the contract for the next period before the expiry of the existing period. The system of payment remains the same, but the initial medical examination is not undertaken (after three years).

Premiums for short-term contractual health insurance are paid as a lump sum the day before commencement.



Added: 17.12.2009

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