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Charity organisations registered in the Czech Republic

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Willingness to give help to the sick, to people in need or to people affected by natural disaster is common to people around the world, and the Czech Republic is no exception. There are charity and humanitarian organisations and foundations in the CR that provide financial, manual, educational and spiritual help at home and also abroad.


People In Need

People In Need is a humanitarian organisation whose help is mostly directed to other countries. The aim is to provide assistance in critical areas and support observance of human rights worldwide. During its existence the organisation has delivered hundreds of shipments with direct humanitarian help and organised development projects in various parts of Europe, Asia and Africa. Through specific projects, dissidents, independent journalists, fighters for human rights and representatives of democratic opposition were supported in more than 37 countries worldwide.


ADRA is an international humanitarian organisation that provides help to people in need. It was founded in the USA more than 50 years ago and operates in 125 countries worldwide. The Czech affiliate branch is one of the three largest humanitarian organisations in the CR. ADRA helps both during disasters (natural catastrophes, wars, etc.) and in the implementation of long-term development projects (support to education, employment, etc.)

Charity Czech Republic

Charity Czech Republic is the largest non-government provider of social and health services in the Czech Republic with more than a hundred years of experience. It is a part of the Czech Roman-Catholic Church. Core activities of Charity CR are connected with the support of people in need within the territory of the Czech Republic. Along with that, the Charity is focused on education and assistance to foreigners in need.

Red Cross

The most important activities of the Czech Red Cross include blood donation, humanitarian units, search service, education and provision of first aid, social and editing activities, humanitarian help and rights and organisation of recondition stays for disabled children.

Other renowned humanitarian organisations and foundations are

The "Bílý kruh bezpečí" ("White Circle of Safety") helps victims of crime.

The Fund for Children in Need, whose main goal is providing any possible help to maltreated children. In addition, the Fund operates the so-called "Klokánek", as an alternative of foster care instead of institutional education for the time before children can go back to their families or to a foster family.

The Safety Line Association (Linka bezpečí) is focused on children and young people in crisis situations, and for parents who are not capable of bringing up their children. The Association operates several telephone lines (Linka bezpečí (safety line) 116 111, Linka vzkaz domů (message home) +420 800 111 113, +420 724 727 777 and Rodičovská linka (parent line) +420 840 111 234). The Association is a member of the world safety line association Child Helpline International.

Foundation Chart 77 – Konto bariéry (Barriers) was founded in 1978 as a foundation which provides help to Czechoslovak dissidents. Its core project is the "Konto Bariéry", an account supported by citizens in order to help disabled people.

You can find a comprehensive overview of charities and foundations in the Czech Republic here.
Author: Andrea Kábelová
Added: 26.04.2011

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