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Czech POINT – aid for public administration in the Czech Republic

photo:  (czechpoint.cz)

Czech POINT or the Czech Submission Verification Information National Terminal is a unique project that offers all citizens communication with the national authorities at one universal office, where you can receive or verify documents or acts from different institutions of public administration.

The project was created in 2005 and its implementation significantly simplified the processing of official affairs. The offices, i.e. contact places of Czech POINT, are located in city and regional offices, representative authorities, offices of the Chamber of Commerce, notary offices and post offices.

You can get all data, copies and excerpts that are kept in central public registers about natural and legal persons, property and rights at Czech POINT contact places.

Czech POINT offers the following services:
  • Excerpt from the Land Register
  • Excerpt from the Register of Companies
  • Excerpt from the Trade License Register
  • Excerpt from the List of Qualified Suppliers
  • Excerpt from the Insolvency Register
  • Excerpt from the Crime Register – natural persons
  • Excerpt from the Crime Register – legal persons
  • Excerpt from the Point Driver's Status
  • Submission according to the Trade Licensing Act
  • Register of Traffic Participants of the Module Car Wreckages ISOH
  • Authorised conversion of documents
  • Excerpts from basic registers, such as excerpt of data from the Register of Inhabitants or excerpt of data from the Register of People
  • Verification of signatures and documents, etc.
You can find a list of all Czech POINT contact places here.
Author: Ivana Jenerálová
Added: 29.08.2012

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