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In the Czech Republic, freedom of speech is fully implemented and provided by the Bill of Human Rights. There are still authorities, however, as in all democratic states, entrusted to inspect published material, which includes programs and advertising in all media categories.


The Czech Television Committee

The Czech Television Committee focuses on monitoring national Czech Television. The matter of inspection is all the content that is broadcast (currently two broadcasting and two digital channels) on the Czech Television programs.

The Committee mainly inspects and polices:

  • the objectivity, authenticity, general balance and versatility of broadcasting,   
  • the support of legal conscience of the Czech people,  
  • the creation and increasing programs for minority groups (that is; faith, culture, nationality, social group, age and gender),
  • the development of cultural identity of Czech people including national and ethnic groups members,
  • the production and broadcasting of news, political news, documentaries, art, drama, sports, entertainment and education programs for children and youth.

The ČT Committee has 15 members, who are elected and discharged by the Chamber of Deputies with special attention paid to the representation of significant regional, social and cultural aspects.The committee members are elected for a period of six years; every second year, a third of the Committee is elected, and re-election is possible.

The Czech Republic Committee for radio and television broadcasting

The committee for radio and television broadcasting is responsible for supervising radio and television broadcasting and adopted broadcasting.The duties and authorities of the committee include:

  • supervising the plurality and choice of programs and information,
  • the focus on the independence of the broadcasting content,
  • issuing, changes and removing licenses for broadcasting,  
  • monitoring broadcasts,
  • issuing warnings on violation of responsibilities as regards the conditions of the license,
  • issuing sanctions,
  • planning the frequency range for broadcasting (in cooperation with the Czech Telecommunications Office),
  • cooperating in creating new principals in the state policies regarding broadcasting,
  • submitting the annual report to the Chamber of Deputies regarding its activities and broadcasting.

The mandate of committee members is six years. A person who has served two consecutive mandatory periods cannot be re-elected.The committee determines the length of the term for the chairman and vice chairman.

A list of present members of the Committee for radio and television broadcasting can be found on the official website.

The Czech Telecommunications Office

The Czech Telecommunications Office is responsible for managing electronic communications and postal services.

The inspection function of the office is very important for market regulation and defining conditions for fair competition.The target is to protect users and participants in this market, before a complete competitive environment is established.  

The office also provides protection for a number of services as regards radio and television broadcasting and services of the information company.

The office has a five-member committee. One member is the chairman; the members and the chairman are appointed and discharged by the government.The term for each committee member is five years.



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