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The railway network crosses the border of the Czech Republic at 30 crossings, which shows that the country is well connected to the European rail network. Trains run between most European cities and Prague every day, including first- and second-class carriages as well as carriages with couchettes or beds. For example, the journey from Paris to Prague takes about 15 and a half hours, Prague - Berlin, four hours and 40 minutes, Prague - Vienna, five and a half hours, and Prague - Warsaw, nine and a half hours.


Traveling within the Czech Republic by train

The railway network density in the Czech Republic is one of the best in Europe. Trains are operated by Czech Railways. One can travel by train to any corner of  the country in less than seven hours and rail travel is relatively comfortable, if not traveling exactly at peak hours. The fastest trains are the SC (SuperCity), the EC/IC (EuroCity/InterCity) and express trains. However, it's recommended to reserve a seat for these trains ahead of time.

The SC Pendiline offers a fast a reliable connection. Conncetions are operated in cooperation with Czech Airlines allowing for connections beyond Prague’s Ruzyně airport. Tickets can be purchased online at http://eshop.cd.cz and reservations are required.

You can also travel on a mid-speed or a slow train (known as the ‘osobní vlak,’ the personal train). For more details and options for transporting your luggage, please refer to the website http://www.cd.cz/static/eng/. There you may also find up-to-date prices and discounts available.

Ingrated transport is an excellent option to get travelers to exactly where they are going within and around all major cities (Prague, Česke Budějoviece, Plzen and Zlína). This includes all rail, public transportation and regional bus transportation. Integrated transport offer travelers the option of traveling on one ticket for all means of transport.

The national timetable information system is easy of navigate on the website www.idos.cz. It provides searches for relevant bus, rail, air, water and municipal public transport, or combinations.

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