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There are numerous car rentals available in the Czech Republic. Apart from renowned international companies, there are also national car rentals on the Czech market with branches outside the Czech Republic, and smaller local car rentals.

In every car rental company, customers can choose from a variety of cars ranging between budget and luxurious classes. The most popular cars in Czech rental companies are small and large family cars. Very expensive cars, including S series models, terrain cars and convertibles are usually offered by international car rental companies.

International car rentals in the CR:

International car rentals are usually a little more expensive but they also offer a higher service standard and a wide range of cars. It is useful to check for special offers – sometimes you might uncover a good offer and hire an exclusive car at a favourable price. International car rentals offer their services in foreign languages, usually in English. Their websites are usually also available in an English version.

The biggest provider of car rentals in the world is the company Holiday autos. They do not own the cars but choose the most convenient provider in each country. They offer car rentals for good prices as well as a high service standard.
Other big international car rentals in the CR:
  • Hertz offers both short- and long-term rentals of cars, minibuses, SUVs and vans. You can use the rented cars both in the Czech Republic and internationally.
  • AVIS has been in the CR since 1992. They offer cars from the lowest price range up to big and luxurious cars.
  • X4 SIXT X4 has its branches all over the country – in Prague, Brno, České Budějovice and Ostrava. Besides family cars, they also offer vans.
  • Budget offers a wide variety of cars, trucks and vans. They provide a one-way rental of cars all over Europe. In the CR, you will find them in Prague and Brno.

National car rentals in the CR:

National car rentals have the advantage of a widely spread service network and a rich offer of services.

One of the biggest and cheapest Czech car rentals is the X6 ALIMEX X6 company. Its branches are in most major cities both inside and outside the CR.

Another major Czech car rental provider is Czechocar CS. You will find their branches in 77 locations within the CR. It offers a one-way rental service (hire the car at one place, and return it at a different one) within Central Europe.

Local car rentals:

Small local car rentals usually offer cars in a lower price range and are much cheaper. It is important to realise that the price is in accord with the lower standard equipment of the rented car and its higher wear due to the kilometres already covered. The fact that these rentals do not have their own service network is their only disadvantage.

For a list of other car rentals and more information about renting a car, click here.
Author: Ivana Jenerálová
Added: 12.12.2010

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