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Prague Ferries

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Ferries have been sailing on the Vltava River in Prague since olden times. Their main function was connecting the pedestrian and vehicle communications crossed by the river, and to replace the missing bridges. 

In their heyday, there were about fifty ferries in Prague. Most of them were cancelled and replaced by bridges. However, you may still enjoy the charm of the Prague ferryboats today. Since their revival in 2005, Prague ferries have become extraordinarily popular. Voyages on ferries are a welcomed romantic experience and a sought-after tourist attraction for people from all over the world. They offer a unique opportunity to discover Prague via the Vltava River and see the city from a totally different point of view.

In the centre, you can take a ferry to most islands on the Vltava River. On the outskirts of the city, ferries transport people to places from which they can continue by cycle trails or buses. In these parts of Prague, ferries are even used as a means of transport for people going to work.

Today, ferries are included in the Prague Integrated Transport system and are thus connected with the city public transport links. There are now six ferry lines on the Vltava River in Prague. Passengers may use a time ticket from the Public Transport Company, or a regular transfer ticket that can be bought directly from the ferryman (except on the P3 link).

Routes of the Prague ferry links:
  • P1 – Sedlec Ferry (map) provides transport from Sedlec to Zámky at the northern periphery of Prague. It is a popular region for taking trips to e.g. the Zoological Garden or Podbaba.
  • P2 – Lysolaj Ferry (map) connects the banks of the Vltava River between the end of Šárka Valley and Podhoří.
  • P3 – the link Žluté lázně(map) – Lihovar (map) offers an attractive connection between the Podolí and Zlíchov quarters, from which you can continue by tram.
  • P5 – Kotevní (map) – Císařská louka (map) – Výtoň (map). This ferry is seasonal and considerably improves the accessibility of Císařská louka (“Imperial Meadow”) island. The ferry will start to operate on the new route from 31 March 2012.
  • P6 – the link Modřany (map) – Lahovičky (map) offers transport from one bank of the Vltava River to the other, and is especially popular with cyclists and in-line skaters.
You will find more information about the operation, ticket prices, timetables, maps, etc. here.

Author: Romana Kuncová
Added: 08.04.2012

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