How things work here


Foreigners must newly pay for their waste

Citizens having temporary residence in the Czech Republic must newly pay for disposal of waste from dustbins at their houses. This amendment of the law about local fees will take effect in January 2013.


Car rentals

There are numerous car rentals available in the Czech Republic. Apart from renowned international companies, there are…

Police, Fire department

Safety and security in the Czech…

The Czech Republic is a member state of the European Union, and being responsible for the safety of the state and its…


Radio and television broadcasting in…

Radio and television broadcasting in the Czech Republic is specified by Act no. X20 231/2001 Coll. X20. This Act…


Western for children

Native Americans and adventure stories situated in the Wild West have always been very popular worldwide.


International Airports in the Czech…

The air traffic infrastructure has also significantly expanded since the Czech Republic joined the European Union.

Health service

Foreigners’ Health Insurance

Whether you arrive in the Czech Republic as a tourist, student, or you are going to stay here temporarily or settle…

Banks, finance

Where To Get Czech Currency

The official currency in the Czech Republic is the Czech crown (Kč, CZK). You can also pay with euros for some services…

How things work here

Sickness insurance

Sickness insurance is paid to provide for situations when an adult in temporarily incapable of work due to sickness…


Media supervision

In the Czech Republic, freedom of speech is fully implemented and provided by the Bill of Human Rights. There are still…


The system of independent courts

As in other democratic and legal countries, the Judiciary of the Czech Republic is defined by the Constitution of the…


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How things work here

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