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Boheminium Park – Bohemia at your fingertips

photo:  (czechtourism.com)

The educational-and-tourist loop in the Boheminium Park in Mariánské Lázně, with more than 40 miniature models of significant historical and technical monuments of the Czech Republic, offers a unique chance to see all these places of interest at one site. These perfect models will not leave anyone in doubt that Bohemia truly has a lot to offer.

The models are precise replicas of existing monuments from different parts of the Czech Republic. You will find sites including the Rotunda of St George on Říp mountain, one of the symbols of the Liberec Region – the TV transmitter on the top of Ještěd, the romantic Červená Lhota Castle, the Karlštejn Castle or the minaret from the Lednice-Valtice Complex. You can also see the Strážnice wine cellars, the cableway in Liberec, the Holašovice village houses and the Šumava Paddle Steamer.

All exhibits are made in a 1:25 scale and visitors can thus see the monuments as if looking at them from a height of 200 meters above the ground. The miniatures were made by modellers according to precise plans and original photographic documentation and the depicted objects are thus worked into every detail.

The Boheminium Park in Mariánské Lázně (map) is situated in the beautiful surroundings of a charming landscaped garden and is open to the public daily from April to November. For more information, click here.

Author: Petra Hubálková
Added: 07.06.2011

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