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International Festival of Outdoor Films

photo:  (10. ročník Mezinárodního festivalu outdoorových filmů)

Interesting films, many novelties, and an attractive programme – all of this and much more will contribute to the largest travelling competition film festival of outdoor sport, adventure, adrenaline and travelogue films in the world. 

This year’s 10th anniversary of the festival will take place from 4 October to 8 December. More than 105 films from 21 countries will participate in the festival, which will take place in 33 cities of the Czech Republic and 3 Slovak cities. The official opening of the festival will take place on 4 October in Ostrava (Map) and the festival will be traditionally closed at the Prague cinema Lucerna (Map) on 8 December. Both evenings will be broadcast live by TV NOE.

Competition films are divided into four categories: outdoor sports, mountains, water and travelogue. The jury will newly award the best amateur film and an award for special contribution in the field of outdoor film, sport and activities, i.e. award for lifelong work.

Apart from film projections, visitors may also look forward to a rich accompanying programme. The discussion by this year’s honorary guest, top Polish rock climber Krzysztof Wielicki, promises a very interesting experience. The festival’s programme will offer a chance to meet Martin Šós during the discussion called Za hlasem zvonců (Following the sound of bells), where he will talk about spending three months in the wilderness of the Yukon. Spectators might also enjoy the discussion with Zdeněk Jurásek and his adventurous trip along the famous Route 66, or the discussion with Milan Caha and Milan Jeglík on the topic of “Czech private reserve in the Sumatran rain forest”. The festival will be enriched by an exhibition of photos from Indonesia and competition photographs as the festival is also accompanied by a photo competition.

You can find more information about the festival and the complete programme here.

Author: Petra Hubálková
Added: 29.08.2012

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