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Rope centres in the Czech Republic

photo:  (czechtourism.com)

Rope centres are popular with everyone who likes sports, active leisure activities, and adventure and adrenaline experiences. Adults as well as children can test their abilities because no extraordinary physical strength is needed to overcome the rope obstacles. The only qualities you need are enthusiasm and courage. Let us introduce the best rope centres in the Czech Republic. 

Tarzanie – Trojanovice Mountain Rope Centre (map)
The largest Czech rope centre is located in the charming surroundings of the Beskydy Mountains. The courses are built from 2 to 14 metres above the ground and there are various ladders, footbridges, logs hanging high above the ground, demanding loops and nets as well as the popular crossing from one tree to another by the means of a rope attached by a pulley. There are 5 different courses of different difficulties on an area covering 10 thousand sq. metres available to visitors. The most difficult of them is the black course with 35 obstacles convenient for the toughest of participants. The yellow course is the longest at 561 metres. There is also a special children’s course for the smallest visitors. 

Jeseníky – Česká Ves Adrenaline Park near Jeseník (map)
Situated in the beautiful surroundings of the Jeseníky Mountains, the obstacles of this park are situated from 4 to 10 metres above the ground among fully grown trees. The park offers three types of courses – the most demanding of them takes over two hours. If you grow tired of the rope centre, you can rent all-terrain vehicles, go horse-riding, try out archery, paintball or the bungee trampoline, on which you can jump up to ten metres high. The rock climbing wall, giant cableway and adrenaline tower also offer a unique experience.

Janské Lázně Rope Park and Baby Park (map)
This rope park with an unbelievable 40 obstacles is the rope centre with the most obstacles in the Czech Republic. They are placed from 4 to 12 metres above the ground and offer many unforgettable experiences for adults and children. The complex includes a special baby rope park for children under 140 cm.

PROUD rope centre chain
PROUD rope centres are located in several cities of the Czech Republic, including Brno (Map), Prague (Map) (the largest rope centre is in the capital), Harrachov (Map), Olomouc (Map), Pardubice (Map), Zadov (Map) and Davidův mlýn – Kružberk (Map). All of the complexes offer activities of different difficulties for young as well as older visitors. 

Author: Petra Hubálková
Added: 05.07.2012

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