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The most beautiful Czech gardens and parks – Part 3 (Bohemia)

photo: Litomyšl (czechtourism.com)

The Czech Republic has much to offer to all lovers of artificial gardens and natural parks. This series presents the most interesting of them. Part one was dedicated to Prague and its surroundings, while the second one showcased Moravia, and the third and final component will focus on Bohemia.

The monastery gardens are located between the two cathedrals in Litomyšl. They are a perfect example of combining original Baroque greenery with the modern gardens concept. They offer a magnificent view of the majestic churches and historical centre of Litomyšl (Map) and include a sculptural group by sculptor Olbram Zoubek, chessboard with perennials and many flower patches.

Nové Hrady
The rococo chateau complex (Map) nicknamed the “Czech Versailles” was built in 1774-1777 by count Jean-Antoine Harbuval de Chamaré. There is a symmetrically divided rococo garden with patches and ornaments on its front courtyard. Although the second chateau courtyard serves as a utility vegetable garden, it is a beautiful sight as well. The upper terrace is interlaced with paths and patches with perennials and a small natural amphitheatre is also located there. The chateau garden includes a museum of cycling, and you may order horse-riding lectures at the stables and view fallow deer and stags bred at the farm.

Italian architect Baltazar Maggi designed this mannerist Renaissance garden (Map) in the 16th century protected by large rectangular walls. There is a villa built for Vilém of Rožmberk in its front part, which is surrounded together with a part of the garden by a moat, which creates the illusion that the mansion is built on some kind of peninsula. Renaissance gardens commonly included herb and vegetable patches and they are aligned into geometrical shapes along the back wall of the garden.

Krásný Dvůr
This large English-style park covering an area of nearly 100 ha was built in 1783-1793 by Jan Rudolf Černín. He was a passionate botanist, so there are more than a hundred species of woods and also the torso of the so-called Goethe’s Oak, which has been estimated to be more than a thousand years old, thus being one of the oldest trees in Bohemia. Green areas are enlivened by many romantic buildings, such as the Obelisk or Pan's and Gothic Temples. You may also visit the French-style Krásný Dvůr (Map) garden with full-grown yew trees and smaller box trees.

Author: Petra Hubálková
Added: 05.08.2012

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