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photo:  (archiv divadla Drak)

The stage is a magical world, and it is attractive for adults and for children, too. Experiences from a theatre performance full of fantasy and unexpected twists are kept deep in a perceptive young soul – and for a very long time after the curtain was pulled down.



In the Czech Republic, there are several theatres that specialize in performances for children and offer programmes for various age levels. Some of them have already gained a good reputation worldwide and young theatre-goers love to come back again and again.

In Prague, you can visit, for example:

  • The Theatre of Spejbl and Hurvínek in Dejvice (map) – One of the most popular Czech theatre stages for children. Its wooden puppets, Spejbl, Hurvínek, Mánička, Mrs. Kateřina and Žeryk the dog have been popular with Czech children for many decades.
  • The Minor Theatre (map) – The performances are attractive in particular due to the original music and art components whose combinations result in breathtaking shows.
  • The Minaret Theatre (map) – Besides fairy tales and intimate plays the theatre company offers performances inspired by Bible stories or by Czech classical music works.
  • The Zvoneček Traditional Puppet Theatre (map) – The theatre programme offers classical Czech and international fairy tales, many of them tailored to the puppets.
  • The Říše loutek Theatre (map) – The Říše loutek or the “Puppet World” Theatre uses several types of "actors" – puppets, marionettes, shadow puppets or rod puppets.


In other cities in the Czech Republic

  • Brno – The Polárka Theatre (map) – The theatre offers young theatre-goers traditional yet not very well-known fairy tales arranged in an original and playful way.
  • Ostrava – The Puppet Theatre (map) – Fairy tales, thrilling stories and cabaret performances are full of humour and kind tolerance.
  • Hradec Králové – The Drak Theatre (map) – The theatre offers performances full of fantasy, humour and original ideas.
  • České Budějovice – X9 The South Bohemian Theatre X9 (map) – Young theatre-goers are offered fantoccini or classical stage performances, such as Kate and the Devil.
  • Litvínov – Quite a Great Theatre (map) – The programme offers fairy tales, musical comedies for children and performances for preschoolers.

Many of the theatres focused on very young theatre goers take into consideration the fact that there are little visitors who do not speak Czech, for example, the adventurous puppet performance Little Beetles and the music play called Marimba performed in the Minor Theatre (map), the show in the Drak Theatre named (map) Anything with feathers can fly, or some of the plays performed on the stage of 4 Cakes and Puppets (map). Pantomime is performed for children by the 2 Teatro Pantomissimo, and older children are offered performances at the Metro Black Theatre (map)


Author: Petra Hubálková
Added: 19.10.2010

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Theatre for children

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