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Zoos in the Czech Republic

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The Czech Republic boasts 15 zoological gardens and other “animal“ centres, such as marine aquariums, water parks and reserves. Each zoo draws its visitors to something different that you can’t find elsewhere.


The best known zoo is in Prague

The biggest and most visited zoo is in Prague – Troja (map) . This zoo also boasts the largest number of animals. You can find the unique Przewalski horse here, to which the Zoo keeps the international studbook. There is a children’s zoo, where children can move freely among small animals, and the Africa pavilion. The Indonesian Jungle is the newest attraction.

Liberec Zoo and its white tigers

The oldest zoo is in Liberec. It was established in 1919. At that time it served not only as a zoo, but in the winter as a wintering place for circuses; it consequently served as a menagerie for their animals. Today the Liberec Zoo is one of the most modern zoos in the Czech Republic. You can see more than 170 animal species on 13 hectares of land. This zoo boasts the largest breeding group of chimpanzees in the Czech Republic and a breeding group of the Somali wild ass. It is the first in Europe with regard to this species. However, its greatest attraction is the white tiger, which is a rare form of Bengal tiger. The Liberec Zoo is the only zoo in the Czech Republic to keep these tigers.

Safari in Dvůr Králové

The zoo in Dvůr Králové (map) is famous for its African Safari; it is the only zoo in the Czech Republic to offer one. From May to the end of September you can ride through the zoological garden, which keeps the largest number of African animals in Europe, in specially modified safari buses among the animals, which roam loose in large enclosures. You can even stay in the Safari Hotel, which is located within the zoo.

Visit the otters at Ohrada Zoo

Ohrada Zoo is located in the South Bohemian town of Hluboká nad Vltavou. It specialises primarily in keeping small and medium-sized animal species; you can see European fallow deer, brown bears and wolves here. Ohrada Zoo’s main attraction is its river otters. The swimming areas have a large window, so you can observe them under water. The waterfowl exhibition, American Corner and Australian Corner are also very interesting .

Other zoos in the Czech Republic

Pilsen Zoo is linked to the neighbouring botanical gardens. A zoogeographical biopark was gradually established on an area of 21 hectares. 70 per cent of the animal species kept here cannot be found in any other Czech zoo.Děčín Zoo specialises in keeping grizzly bears and mountain ungulates. Chleby Zoo in the Central Bohemian region also offers many items of interest. This zoo’s speciality is rare birds and endangered bird species. You can see Caucasian grouse and the see-see partridge here.

Brno Zoo

The best known Moravian zoo is the Zoological Gardens in Brno. It is one of the more recent zoos, being established in 1950. In spite of this it is gradually being modernised. The newest exhibitions include Beringia, which contains northern species. You can see Canadian beavers and arctic wolves here. In 2005 an enclosure for Przewalski horses with a Mongolian yurt was constructed here. A year later the Children’s Zoo was modernised. As described on the Brno Zoo’s website, the farmyard with larger animals (as well as petting animals) was separated from the enclosure housing smaller pets. Sculptural décor in the form of figures from the Animals and Petrovští story were added as well as many climbing frames and swings, the Children’s zoo also includes a new pony-drome. You can ride around the Brno Zoo in a tourist train. Refreshments are available at the U tygra restaurant with a direct view over the tiger enclosure.

Garden of Continents

Another Moravian zoo is the Zlín Zoo , which is rightly called the Garden of Continents. In one visit you can see South America, Africa, Asia and Australia. All you need to do is enter the Tropical Hall of the Yucatán, the Amazonia Exhibit, visit the African Pavilions or the Catta Lemur Island.

Other Moravian Zoos

The Olomouc Zoo is also well known. It chief tourist attraction is its 17,000-litre aquarium containing reef sharks.
The Ostrava Zoo originated as a part of the Hornický Orchard nature park. Consequently it is not only a classical zoo, but can also be used as an active relaxation centre. The aesthetics are gradually being improved here and the garden is being modernised. The newest exhibits include northern owl aviaries, pony and donkey stables and enclosures, a Chinese garden, a large vulture aviary, a smaller sea aquarium and a complex of aviaries for Chinese and Tibetan birds.
There are also smaller zoos in Vyškov and in Hodonín .

Other “animal centres“

You don’t have to visit a classic zoological garden to see animals. You can visit a reserve. One of the most famous of these is Obora Žleby by Žleby Mansion, which is famous for its herd of white deer. You can also find various predators, owls and animals from the Mustelidea family here. In addition, you can see demonstrations of falconry. There is another reserve in Žehušice .
You can also visit Protivín if you want to see crocodiles at the Crocodile Zoo .
There are also two sea world exhibits in the Czech Republic. The larger of these is Sea World in Prague Holešovice. Its chief attraction is its giant 100,000-litre aquarium, which contains sharks and multi-coloured coral fish. A smaller freshwater tank presents fauna primarily from South America. You can also see turtles and piranhas. The coral cave, or more precisely ten tanks which are set into an artificial cliff wall, are also interesting. Shark feeding is another visitor attraction.The Giant Aquarium is located in Hradec Králové. It is the largest freshwater aquarium in Europe.

Overview of zoos in the Czech Republic at: www. http://www.kudyznudy.cz/cs/aktuality/2008-07-11-zoo.html

Author: Dana Jakešová
Added: 25.01.2010

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