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Czech patent for producing nanofibre scored in Japan

photo:  (contipro.cz)

The Czech invention, which enables ten times higher production of nanofibre in a laboratory environment than the most common commercially provided industrial technology, saw great success at the Nanofibre 2012 symposium in Japan. The company Contipro Bitech, in whose laboratories the patented jet was developed, presented its invention on the occasion of the Czech-Japanese Science and Technology Days.

The newly developed multi-jet produces 2 to 13 times higher production of fibre when tested on the most common materials. It also enables extracting nanofibre from special materials convenient for medicinal uses. These materials (e.g. hyaluronic acid) offer very promising applications, such as the restoration of damaged nerves or regeneration of muscles. Contipro Bitech has been known in the nanofibre production area ever since they patented a technology for producing nanofibre aligned in the desired direction.

The newly patented Czech technology was not only introduced abroad in Japan. The invention was also presented at the Electrospin 2012 science conference in South Korea.

The specific design of the new composite multi-jet is based on the numerical simulation of the electrostatic field in the vicinity of different types of spinning electrodes. As a result of studying the physical principles of fibre extraction, the production of nanofibre was multiplied by several times in comparison with the “needless” fibre extraction technology, which is usually considered the most productive way of producing nanofibre.

The conference presented the nanofibre technology in a wide range of usages in the textile industry, nanofibre baffles for extracting oil from water as well as medicinal uses for covering wounds.


Author: MZV
Source: www.contipro.com
Added: 05.07.2012

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