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Success of young Czech scientists at the greatest biomaterials congress in China

photo:  (contipro.cz)

The 9th World Biomaterials Congress took place at the beginning of June 2011 in the Chinese city of Chengdu and welcomed 3,000 experts from all over the world. This scientific conference, nicknamed the Biomaterials Olympiad, has been organised since 1980 but this year is the first time it took place in China. Czech science witnessed a remarkable success at the conference.

Within the symposium, only the most talented scientists under 40 years of age with the highest-quality projects were chosen out of nearly 200 participants. One of the fifty young scientists awarded for the quality of their work was Dr. Daniela Šmejkalová who, in cooperation with her colleagues in the laboratories of the Contipro Company, examined the toxicity of decay products created during the most common method of preparing low-molecular hyaluronic acid.

Low-molecular hyaluronic acid is one of the hottest candidates for producing media designed for targeted distribution of medicine for cancer. Therefore, elimination of toxic additives of this substance is a key determiner in its future medicinal usage.

“Only the fact that my colleague and I had a presentation at such a significant conference is a huge success because the contributions are assessed by an expert committee and only the best projects are chosen,” Dr.  Šmejkalová commented on her success. The Contipro Company belongs among the top companies producing hyaluronic acid in the world.

The presentations were assessed by the prestigious scientific magazine Biomaterials specialised in scientific and medicinal applications of biomaterials.


Author: MZV
Source: www.contipro.com
Added: 05.07.2012

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