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Mathematics, physics and other technical scientific disciplines are a real nightmare for many pupils, and Czech students are no exception. Therefore, there are many projects in our country that aim to communicate science, its laws and new inventions through fun activities and interaction to all people who would like to discover something they may otherwise be afraid of.

The most famous place to get in touch with this kind of discovery is the iQpark Liberec (map). You can play with nature’s laws through more than two hundred interactive exhibits, discover how human senses work and even produce your own nano-fibres. One novelty provides your cosmic weight showing how much you would weigh on the Moon or on any other planet in the Solar System. In the science centre, in the "Green Energy" section, you can experiment and generate electricity through renewable energy sources and, in another exciting exhibit simply titled “Water”, you can discover and examine the principles and laws of water itself.

Having visited iQpark in Liberec, you might head for the Babylon fun centre and explore, for example, the biggest mirror maze in Europe or the room of optical illusions.

iQpark participates in preparation of the all-European event called Scientist Night. In fact, 2010 was the sixth year already. Scientists take over the role of entertainers, musicians and actors and introduce visitors to their work and science itself through fun.

The Scientist Night, which takes place once a year in several cities at the same time, is followed by the largest scientific festival in the Czech Republic, called Science and Technology Week, which takes place every November. The wider public, and especially secondary school students, are given the opportunity to look into labs and libraries and discover X7 how science is realised X7. Scientists from the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic prepare a wide selection of guided tours, lectures, exhibitions and discussion evenings and present their research projects, demonstrate state-of-the-art scientific devices and experiments and familiarise visitors with the newest trends in science.

The Faculty of Science of the Palacký University in Olomouc has their own science popularisation and media coverage project, called MedVěd. This project is connected with the University of Childhood Age which is open to children aged 8 to 12.

Pilsen is the home of the truly unique interactive Techmania Science Centre (map), which introduces people to the limits of human knowledge. Visitors can get first-hand experience of how particular physical principles work.

The CR Ministry of Education, supported by EU funds, is going to provide 2.2 billion crown to develop more science learning centres.

Author: Andrea Kábelová
Added: 22.12.2010

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