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The Grant Agency of the Czech Republic – Czech Science Foundation

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– Czech Science Foundation was formed in 1992 as an independent institution to support basic scientific research in the Czech Republic. The Agency’s task is the provision of grants to the best projects from all scientific disciplines, which are selected every year through a public competition in research and development.


The Agency also checks on the course of solutions and the fulfilment of project objectives for each previous year and evaluates the results of projects after they have finished.

The Agency provides grants, or special-purpose funds, in the amount of approximately CZK 1.4 billion a year from the state budget. There are between 1,600 and 1,800 grant applications submitted every year and about one-third receive a grant. The average annual costs of one project amount to about CZK 650,000.  

The Grant Agency provides financial support to scientific projects that are part of so-called standard project programs, doctoral projects, postdoctoral projects and projects from the programs of the European Science Foundation.

Basic tasks :

  • The arrangement and announcement of a public competition in research and science for the support of grant projects.
  • The evaluation of project proposals and the selection of the best to be provided grants.  
  • The provision of grants to selected projects with regard to the amount to be received that year by the Agency from the state budget and signing a contract with the applicants.  
  • The inspection of the course of solutions and the fulfilment of project objectives for each previous year through progress reports.  
  • The evaluation of the results achieved by the project after it has been completed through final reports. 
  • The monitoring of the management of funds provided for project solution, that is, whether such funds are spent sensibly and in compliance with relevant regulations and requirements.  
  • Cooperation with foreign scientific bodies and institutions, in particular those from EU member states.

The process for obtaining a grant

The GrantAgency of the CR announces a public competition for the solution of the grant projects of basic research in specified disciplines and approved programs. The announcement is published in the Commercial Journal and in the information system of research and development; currently announced competitions are also available on the

The grant applicant may draw up and submit a grant application for the public competition in the following disciplines of basic research:

a) Technical sciences

b) Natural science

c) Medical sciences

d) Human and social sciences

e) Agricultural sciences

The public competition may be entered by a natural or legal person with the seat of business in the Czech Republic, the organizational components of the state or territorial self-governing units or the organizational units of the Ministry of Defense or the Ministry of the Interior that work in research and development. The research and development public competition may also be entered by a legal person with the seat of business in an EU member state or in a state that is part of the European Economic Area or the citizen of such a state, if they meet the competence conditions.

GA CR address :

The Grant Agency of the Czech Republic, Národní 3, 110 00 Prague 1
Tel.: +420 221 403 111
Fax.: +420 224 240 565, +420 224 240 598
E-mail: grantcr@kav.cas.cz or infogacr@kav.cas.cz Information regarding the public competition, competition documentation and rules can be obtained in the GA CR Office at: Národní 3, Prague 1, 110 00, on any business day between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. during the competition period.

The grant application sent to the GA CR must be submitted within the announced competition deadline on required forms. The grant application is submitted in a written paper form in duplicate (one original and one copy), together with attachments.

Time limits for the competition and evaluation dates, as well as their end dates, are contained in the announcement of a specific GA CR public competition. 

The commission for accepting grant applications is appointed by the chairman of the GA CR. The commission checks submitted grant applications for the fulfilment of all formal requirements specified in the competition documentation.If such requirements are not fulfilled, an application may be rejected.

Those grant applications that are accepted for the public competition are evaluated by an expert counseling body for the evaluation of grant applications, which the relevant departmental commissions for the GA CR. For each grant application that has been accepted for the public competition, the relevant departmental commission appoints a so-called grant project reporter, whose field of expertise corresponds with the topic of the proposed project. 

Such a reporter checks the formal and factual aspects of the grant application and points out any shortcomings that have been found. The reporter then proposes independent opponents for the subdiscipline and submits this proposal to the departmental commission for a decision.The grant application is sent for evaluation to at least three independent opponents and at least one of them must be foreign (except for specific projects).The opponent’s task is to draw up an expert assessment and return the complete documentation to the GA CR or shred it.

The reporter acquaints himself with the opponents´ assessments and compiles a report, which he submits together with his opinion regarding the grant application to the relevant subcommission. The reporter’s opinion focuses on the evaluation and brief reasoning of the professional, economic and personal aspects of the proposed grant project; the reporter’s opinion must be reasonably thorough and detailed, in particular when she does not recommend for a grant to be provided for the grant application.

The subcommission discusses reports on all grant applications in the subdiscipline and submits them together with their final recommendation to the relevant departmental commission  After all grant applications have been reviewed, the departmental commission draws up the proposal for the ranking of grant projects in the public competition within their field of competence and marks grant projects recommended and not recommended for a grant.A record must be made of the justification of evaluation results.  

The board of the GA CR makes a final decision on providing or not providing a grant for the grant applicationand the results are published on their website.



Added: 05.01.2010

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