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CzechInvest is a state allowance institution founded with the objective of providing efficient support to entrepreneurs and investors in the Czech Republic. It is controlled by the Ministry of Industry and Trade CR.

The main goal of CzechInvest is to increase the competitiveness of the Czech economy by means of supporting small and medium-sized enterprises, business infrastructure and innovations, and through attracting foreign investors in the fields of manufacturing, strategic services and technology centres.

The investment and business development agency – CzechInvest – was founded in November 1992. The agency provides its clients with necessary information, counselling and contacts, and directly helps them to implement projects concerning manufacturing, research and services.

Since its foundation, the CzechInvest agency has cooperated in more than 1,481 investment projects, the total value amounting to 672 billion crowns. Apart from the traditional sectors such as the auto, engineering, chemical and electrical industries there are still increasing investments in the innovation of newer sectors (microelectronics, precision engineering, etc.)

What does the CzechInvest agency provide?

- Information about possible support for small and medium-sized enterprises

- Implementation of grant programmes financed by the EU and by the government

- Formal counselling for projects

- Administration of the database of business properties

- Support of subcontractors – administration of the database of Czech suppliers

- Assistance with implementing investment projects

- Intermediates investment support from the government

- Aftercare services for foreign investors who have already been established in the Czech Republic, support when re-investing

In 2004, CzechInvest established a network of regional offices in all regional capitals of the CR. The offices provide information about the agency’s services and possible support provided to enterprises from the ESF. They also help companies that are interested in implementing investments in the given region, and cooperate with regional institutions when looking for opportunities to develop the business environment of the region.

Those interested in grants from the European programmes may contact CzechInvest by means of the free information line +420 800 800 777.

For more information about the agency, click here.
Author: Ivana Jenerálová
Source: http://www.czechinvest.org
Added: 06.02.2011

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