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MOIRA – genuinely Czech brand

photo:  (Robert Vano)

The brand Moira is the pioneer in the field of producing functional garments with unique qualities for any type of sports activity in the Czech Republic. The technology of making the garments is protected by several patents and it meets the highest standards of wholesome wear. The company sells its products worldwide.

The Moira company has been on the market for more than twenty years. It was founded in the 1970s by Mario Vlček, who got the idea of developing and producing clothes for extreme climatic conditions thanks to his big hobby, climbing. He then personally tested his products during his trips to mountains to prove whether they work perfectly in the given conditions or still need to be improved.

Until 1989, he would made the clothes practically only for himself, his family and friends but then he decided to dedicate his time to research of modified propylene fibre and sports clothes production. His business was started off to success especially due to the new type of fibre (TG900) that distinguished his products from any other of such kind by its extreme lightness and moisture-draining qualities.

The brand Moira produces garments convenient for any possible activity, especially sports. The offer also includes underwear and clothes for children and even clothing for nurslings. The materials used for making garments for the youngest children meet the most demanding requirements for wholesome wear.

Apart the production itself, the second most important activity of the company is research, which aims to perfect the fibre development and its production technology.
Author: Romana Kuncová
Added: 05.02.2012

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