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CzechLink is a project focused on Czech companies in search for strategic partners or investors abroad. It was launched by the CzechInvest investment and business development agency, whose services and development programmes contribute to attracting foreign investment and to developing companies in the Czech Republic.

The goal of the whole CzechLink project is to facilitate Czech companies contact with foreign investors, and increase their capital and the flow of foreign investments into to Czech Republic.
CzechLink is designed for:
  • Small, medium and large enterprises in the manufacturing industry with at least a five-year history and a registered address in the CR
  • Enterprises that are not in bankruptcy, under settlement or declared in default
The companies registered in the project will be provided with a complex company prospectus and analysis of financial results, developed by the CzechInvest agency free of charge. The standardised material (elaborated in English) will provide potential investors with qualified information while considering investments. To present the financial condition of the enterprise, the data from the balance sheets and final accounts for the last five years are used. The company prospectus is produced with clear data which is understandable worldwide, and the potential investor receives complex information about the economic situation of the company and its position on the market.

General information about the current number of the companies registered in the project is available on the CzechInvest website in several language versions. The database provides a general picture of the number and the size of the companies interested in foreign investment in this specific sector. More comprehensive information can be found here.
Author: Ivana Jenerálová
Source: www.czechinvest.org
Added: 12.12.2010

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