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CzechTrade is a government pro-export agency whose mission is to provide services focused on better foreign trade results for the Czech Republic and export activities of Czech entrepreneurs.

The CzechTrade Agency was established in 1997 by the Ministry of Industry and Trade CR.  At present, it has 33 offices abroad, operating in 38 countries – nearly in all European states, Canada, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, China, India and Vietnam. The offices provide up-to-date and verified information from the respective countries, collect data related to business opportunities, and offer individual assistance for successful export by Czech companies. It is a good knowledge of the local environment, contacts and experience that allow the agency to provide clients with services at the highest professional level.

CzechTrade is oriented towards small and medium-sized enterprises that cannot penetrate international markets in the same, easy way as large companies. Supported by the Agency, their introduction to the market is easier and more economic in relation to time and costs. Within the support provided to entrepreneurs, CzechTrade coordinates its activities with the administrator i.e. the Ministry of Industry and Trade CR and with other organisations and partners – the Ministry of foreign Affairs CS, Ministry of Agriculture CR, the CzechTrade sister agency Czech Invest, X7 Czech Export Bank (CEB) X7, X8 Export Guarantee and Insurance Cooperation (EGAP) X8, Chamber of Commerce CR, Confederation of Industry and Transport CR, regional authorities and other professional institutions.

In 2001, to make orientation into the business environment easier, the Agency established an official portal for enterprise and export BusinessInfo.cz which offers complex information for entrepreneurs at one point. Special attention is paid to the area of support to export and foreign trade.

Up-to-date information, inspiration, articles and opinions, and exporter experience from foreign markets comes from the Trade Review magazine, published by CzechTrade since 2006; it is free and it is published once every two months. Another information channel is an electronic newsletter which is distributed to email addresses once a month.

Comprehensive information about the CzechTrade Agency and its activities can be found on the website.
Author: Ivana Jenerálová
Source: http://www.czechtrade.cz/
Added: 26.04.2011

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