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Mobile operators and communication

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There are four mobile operators providing mobile telephone services in the Czech Republic: Telefónica O2, T-Mobile, Vodafone and U:fon. Call charges are calculated according to the number of call minutes and differ for each operator. Calls between telephone numbers maintained by one operator are more advantageous than calling other mobile networks. Operators also offer advantageous service packages at fixed monthly rates and also so-called pre-paid cards for customers who don’t wish to commit themselves.


Telefónica O2 Czech Republic, a.s

is part of the supranational Telefónica telecommunications group with its registered office in Spain. It has been active on the Czech market since 2006 and originated by merger of the company operating landlines (Český Telecom) and the company offering mobile services (Eurotel Praha). Therefore, Telefónica O2 operates the landline network in the Czech Republic as well as a mobile telephone network.

Telefónica O2

offers its customers an extensive range of various services. Apart from telephone services it also supports the CDMA data network and the UMTS network, which enables data transfer, voice transfer, picture and video transfer. The company is the leading provider of ICT services in the country. It also offers high-speed ADSL and mobile internet and Telefónica O2 TV services, i.e. the option of viewing Czech and foreign television channels in HD quality using a land line – no satellite installation necessary.
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is the second largest operator in the CZ. It belongs to the group of operators providing services for mobile telephone networks in multiple European countries. Deutsche Telekom is the owner of T-Mobile and entered the Czech market by taking over the Paegas operator and renaming the company T-Mobile.
This mobile operator offers operation of mobile voice services as well as wireless internet. T-Mobile offers its regular customers a number of various advantages. It also offers landline services.
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is the second largest mobile service operator in the world – it is active in more than 28 countries worldwide. Czech customers have been able to use Vodafone mobile operator services since 2006, when it entered the Czech market by purchasing the Czech operator Oskar. Vodafone offers an extensive range of advantageous tariffs as well as internet, fixed rate and pre-paid services.  This means that if a customer does not wish to “subscribe” to the operator he has the option of choosing a pre-paid service or so-called “pay-as-you-go”. These services are most frequently used by students, people without a regular income or pensioners, who only use their phone occasionally.
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is one of the youngest telephone mobile operators in the Czech Republic. It began offering its services in May 2007. The MobilKom, a.s. company is the operator of the newest mobile operator in the CZ and is owned by the Penta Investments group. Like other competitive operators U:fon also provides its customers with various advantageous offers. And because the primary attraction of new operators on the market is frequently their low prices, the U:fon company’s aces include the opportunity of free calls within its own network, and cheap, fast and quality internet connection.
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Telephone codes

•    Telefónica O2 Czech Republic (original codes: 601, 602, 606, 607, 72)
•    T-Mobile (original codes: 603, 604, 605, 73)
•    Vodafone (original codes: 608, 77)
•    U:fon (code: 79)

Comment: after 15th January 2006, when mobile telephone number transfer was introduced, these codes may not apply. Mobile operators also offer several options for discovering which network a specific number belongs to.
Author: Ivana Jenerálová
Added: 27.04.2010

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