More and more Czechs choosing to fly private

photo:  (radio.cz)

More and more Czechs are booking private flights, according to a report released by the website e15 this week. The number of private flights at Prague’s Václav Havel Airport has been steadily growing over the past few years. Since 2014, their volume increased by nearly ten percent.


Last year, the country’s biggest airport recorded over 12,700 private flights and the number is expected to increase even further in the future.

“These services are affected by the state of the economy and by the situation on the market with above-standard air services,” Roman Pacvoň, spokesman for Letiště Praha, which operates the airport, told the daily e15.

At the same time, Mr Pacvoň pointed out that the so-called general aviation segment, representing unscheduled civil aviation flights, is still regarded as a supplementary service and plays a minor role in the overall volume of air traffic. He also said that the development of the regular segment remains to be the airport’s priority.

At the moment, private flights constitute 8.18 percent of the overall air traffic at Prague’s airport. The flights are serviced by Terminal 3, which used to serve at the airport’s main terminal in the past.

According to Martin Pražský, managing director of Time Air, the Czech Republic’s leading charter operator, the company’s volume of traffic in 2018 increased by seven percent on the previous year. Further growth is expected in 2019.

Other leading Czech private jet operators include ABS Jet and CTS Group.

In the Czech Republic’s second busiest airport in Brno- Tuřany, private and commercial flights have a 13 percent share of the overall traffic. The airport operates around 5,500 private and commercial flights each year.

Author: Český rozhlas Radio Praha
Added: 15.03.2019

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