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In comparison to the highly developed motor state, the continuous safety of highways isn’t recognized as a priority by Czech society; legal awareness of participants of highway transport in land highways is on a low level in comparison to the highly developed state; the same goes for the enforceability of the law.

To improve the current situation, a coordinated approach is implemented in the areas of repression and prevention – including, in part, regular police safety events, public education for drivers and acceptance of some urgent changes in legal amendments on transportation on land highways.  

You can read the complete text of the strategy on the website of the Ministry of Transport

Accident rate in 2007

In the year 2009, the Czech Police investigated a total of 67,870 accidents, in which 763  people died, 3,225  were seriously injured and 21,831 received minor injuries. An estimate of the material damage incurred is more than CZK 4.532 billion.

However, this total number does not provide proof of the actual accident rate in comparison with previous years (a reduction of up to 53.9%). An amendment to Act No. 361/2000 Coll. came into effect from 1/1/2009, which regulates the presence of the Police of the Czech Republic at the site of traffic accidents. In the past the police had to be called out for every accident at which the minimum damage to one of the vehicles amounted to CZK 50,000. At present the limit has been increased, so the presence of the police is only required in the event of damage to one vehicle exceeding CZK 100,000 or if the traffic accident fulflls additional conditions named in the Act; for instance, if it prevents the smooth movement of traffic on the road or if a person is injured or killed.

This amendment to the Act has signficantly reduced the number of times a police unit has been dispatched to traffic accidents and drivers are required to deal with a traffic accident themselves. It is every driver's duty to have a Traffic Accident Report in the car with them, which they must complete in the event of an accident.

Transportation safety events

The police of the CzechRepublic hold several events focused on highway transportation safety during the year. There are some regular events (e.g. those that are related to children starting school in September after the summer holidays) and irregular events.Drivers usually find out about irregular transport safety events at the most several days in advance; sometimes they are publicized as well as focused events.  

Most often the events address the issues of maintaining the speed limit, technical conditions of the automobile, usage of seat belts and driving under the influence of alcohol.


The development of highway transport safety is mainly in the form of prevention. Public education is authorized by the Ministry of Transport's program called BESIP (an acronym meaning Highway Transport Safety).Among the main themes addressed are:

  • Using safety belts (seat belts),
  • Using children’s car seats,
  • Maintaining the maximum allowed speed limit,
  • Maintaining the safety principle of distance,
  • Consideration of cyclist traffic,
  • Visibility,
  • Traffic education.

At this time in the CzechRepublic, there is basic traffic education in nursery schools and elementary schools. It focuses on how to safely cross roads and orientation in traffic in land communications.Older children have the possibility to learn how to ride a bicycle safely and gain important driving habits outside of the classroom, for example, thanks to the working traffic playground systems in certain areas.

Added: 18.01.2010

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