Passenger boat transport

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Passenger boat transport is used mainly in the form of ferries and sight-seeing trips. This type of transport is nearly exclusively used for recreational and unique purposes, not for regular transport.


The Vltava and Prague

Passenger boat transport and its operations are ensured by several companies.Executed routes are mainly of a recreational character.The operators specialize in various types of trips around Prague and even trips from Prague – Mělník, Prague – Slapy, Prague – Troy.There are also disco cruises that can be requested, organized with some broadcast stations.

The largest owners of passenger boat transport are Pražská paroplavební společnost and Evropská vodní doprava.Besides these companies, there are a range of smaller companies that provide tours and social events according to individual orders.

Pražská paroplavební společnost organized regular tours and cruises and other trips to order.Most of their clients are foreigners.Evropská vodní doprava are in operation all year at regular time intervals or on order.

Dams and water tanks

Passenger water transport is also often conducted on large water surfaces, such as the Slapy, Lipno or Brno dams.Local shipyards and docks serve again for mainly recreational purposes – yachters and tourists.  



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Passenger boat transport

Passenger boat transport is used mainly in the form of ferries and sight-seeing trips. This type of...

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