Czech Airlines

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(CSA) is the flagship airlines of the Czech Republic. From Prague Ruzyně Airport it offers connections to the majority of main European destinations and to transit points in North America, Asia, the Middle East and North Africa.

The main activities of Czech Airlines are as follows:

Regular air transport

At the present time, Czech Airlines is not only a recognized air carrier, but also an efficient and competitive company. The number of passengers transported on regular flights is increasing every year.

Services are also improving significantly every year as the number of passengers increase. Czech Airlines contributed to the current position of the Czech Republic as one of the main transit points in Europe. CSA optimizes its timetable, increases its number of destinations every year and intensifies existing connections with other international airlines. Higher effectivity of the transport is reached by the regenerated fleet with three types of aircrafts - Airbus, Boeing and ATR.

Charter transport

In the area of charter transport, CSA offers the same quality of service as on regular flights. All year round, CSA airplanes fly to the main tourist centers in Europe and back, all to help make the holidays of people more comfortable.


CSA Cargo offers air transport of goods to almost all destinations worldwide. Airbus A310-300 airplanes are used for transport outside of the European continent. Consignments of up to 2 500kg/pc may be transported in their cargo compartments.

Modern technology insures the careful loading and unloading of consignments and storage facilities offer storage of not only general consignments, but also consignments that require special handling or care.

Aircraft maintenance

Close attention is paid to the safety of CSA aircraft operation and their technical maintenance. Upon fulfilment of all prescribed conditions, CSA obtained certification to provide aircraft maintenance according to the European and U.S. air regulations. Top professionals of CSA provide regular maintenance not only for its own aircraft but also for contractual partners from both Eastern and Western Europe.

Crew training

Training of CSA crew takes place in Hangar B of the Ruzyně - South Airport in Prague. The company organizes specialized training not only for the needs of CSA but also for crews of other airlines from the Czech Republic and from abroad. 
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