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The transportation network in the Czech Republic is very dense. In the scope of the European Union, the Czech Republic holds primacy in the density of its railway network, which has 120 kilometres of tracks for every 1,000 square kilometres of land. Besides trains, however, there are many other types of transport for travelling in the Czech Republic – personal automobiles, buses, trams, trolleys, airplanes, bicycles and even boats.


Do you want to know how to travel comfortably and quickly from the place where you disembark by plane, automobile, bus or train? It's easy, and the possibilities are endless.

The most preferred and most used type of transportation is road transport .It is among the most flexible means of transportation and enables connection in bordering cities in the framework of the entire country, and also easily connects with the other cities throughout Europe.The development of highway transportation leans mainly of the construction of freeways, which the CzechRepublic in working on intensively.

As mentioned before, the railway network  is dense and therefore also quite flexible and accessible.Passengers are transported via rail, as freight.City railway transport is also developing, for example around Prague, which has an integrated system.

Air transport is used for quick transport within the country and from international airports; there are more than 60 public airports intrastate.

Water transport serves mainly for the transport of bulky or heavy stock freight.For so-called big shipping, it is possible to use the biggest rivers - Labe, Vltava and Berounka - with a length of over 300 kilometers.Transportation by water is very economical and enables connections to large European ports.

Public transport can be found in every large city in the CzechRepublic.It is made up of regular links on buses, trolleys and trams, and in Prague there are three mutually linked subways.The entire timetable of the city public transport is available on the Internet and by mobile phone.

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