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How to find accommodation in the CZ – 1st part

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You can choose from a whole range of types of accommodation in the Czech Republic, from hotels through guesthouses and hostels to camps. You can also choose private accommodation in apartments or private cottages and chalets.

The fastest way to find accommodation in the Czech Republic is to use the Internet. You can find an extensive offer on Czech servers, such as the CZeCOT Czech Republic Tourist Portal or TravelGuide, which provide information about hotels, hostels and guesthouses and also about camps and chalet localities. You can usually find hotels as well as small guesthouses, which welcome their guests with their family atmosphere, on Czech servers.

International reservation servers, which provide this service worldwide, also arrange hotel type accommodation in the Czech Republic. One of the best-known and most popular servers is the Booking.com company server, which is available in 31 languages, or the HRS.com website, which is available in 32 languages.

You can also reserve accommodation in the Czech Republic by means of a Czech tourist office or a partner office abroad. You can also reserve accommodation yourselves, i.e. place a direct reservation with a hotel or guesthouse. However over-the-counter prices in hotels tend to be the highest. Travel agents and offices usually have more advantageous prices; some of them even offer significantly lower prices thanks to higher reservation volumes. Therefore it pays to compare offers, particularly if this concerns a higher-class hotel.

You can find an extensive list of accommodation, from hotels and guesthouses through chalets and cottages to camps, on the website of the Association of Tourist Information Centres ČR in the accommodation and catering section.


Hostels or youth boarding houses, which offer multi-bed rooms, usually with a common sanitary facility, are particularly popular with young people. Today, you can find an extensive number of these in the Czech Republic, particularly in the larger cities. There are servers that only specialise in Czech and international hostel accommodation. The most frequently visited of these is Hostelworld.com for instance.

Letting recreational properties

However, hotel accommodation or private rooms are not the only option. You can also rent a whole cottage or chalet. You can choose and reserve a short-term rental of a whole recreational property, i.e. for a week’s holiday, using specialised servers and travel agencies. The most popular of these are TourTrend or Interbohemia. The international Interhome agency, which was established in Switzerland and has offices in practically every European country, also offers recreational properties for lease in the Czech Republic.


Furthermore there is another option. You can also stay in a camp. You can take your own tent or caravan. Many camps are now equipped with electricity, water and sewerage points for mobile homes and caravans. You can even rent equipped tents, caravans, mobile homes or chalets in some camps. It is a good idea to establish how equipped chalets are in advance and this naturally also applies to the camps themselves.
Author: Dana Jakešová
Added: 27.04.2010

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