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Prague Offers the Trendiest Hotel in Europe

photo:  (iconhotel.eu)

The Prague ICON Hotel & Lounge is the trendiest hotel in Europe. It was decided by tourists who vote for the places they like throughout the whole world on the renowned traveller web server Tripadvisor.com.

Tripadvisor.com annually announces the top hotels, sites or beaches of the Traveller’s Choice competition whose ranking is based on the choice of the travellers.

As for Czech hotels, the most successful one for 2012 is the ICON Hotel & Lounge in Prague, which was the winner in the category of the trendiest hotel in Europe. It is located in V Jámě Street (map) in the centre of Prague. A team of young designers combined traditional architectonical elements with modern trends, which resulted in a unique transformation of the 19th century building into an intriguing design hotel. 

The success of the ICON Hotel & Lounge among the world’s top hotels follows in the steps of another Prague hotel – the Golden Well Hotel in Lesser Town (map). This hotel actually gained two first places in 2011 for the best and most luxurious hotel in the world. As for 2012, travellers placed it 4th among the best hotels in Europe, and it gained 10th place amongst hotels from all over the world. There was yet another Prague hotel in the first ten of best European hotels, the Alchymist Residence Nosticova (map) (14th best hotel in the world, 7th best hotel in Europe. Hotel Aria (map) was also ranked in the top 20 best European hotels (14th place).


Author: Andrea Kábelová
Added: 06.04.2012

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