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Jewels of modern Czech architecture

photo:  (Tomáš Malý)

During recent decades, numerous remarkable architectonical projects with specific traces of the art of Czech architects were implemented.

Public buildings, sports centres, administrative buildings or private houses – modern Czech architecture definitely has a lot to be proud of. Many of these projects were awarded with Czech and international awards. The original architecture, innovative ideas, perfect concept and quality workmanship, as well as careful integration into the surrounding landscape, are all truly pleasing.
Among the most remarkable public buildings are:
  • Indoor Swimming-pool in Litomyšl (map) – an extraordinary concept whose author is the DRNH architectonic studio. It is admired for extremely suitable settings in the surrounding area, perfect layouts and a combination of the construction system with the building. The project was awarded a prize in the Grand Prix 2011 New Building category, which is awarded by the Architect Association.
  • Zlín Congress Centre (map) – a modern oval glass building, projected by the world-famous Czech architect and native from Zlín Eva Jiřičná. The main part of the building is a large auditorium with a capacity for approx. 830 persons, and there is a smaller conference hall seating approx. 90 persons, meeting rooms and a restaurant. The building is used as a multi-purpose venue for concerts, balls or business and congress events.
  • Czech Brethren churches in Černošice (map) and in Litomyšl (map) – two unusual sacral buildings were projected by the Fránek Architects. The church building in Černošice looks sharp yet rounded and resembles angel's wings, while the construction in Litomyšl was inspired by a psalm and its silhouette comprises a set of inclined planes. Both buildings will be used by the church and for various cultural and social activities and events as well.
  • National Technical Library in Prague (map) – the building, shaped as a rounded square, was projected by the Projektil Architects studio. In the middle of the structure you will see a rectangular atrium, which is open up to the sixth floor and covered with a steel skylight structure. The library has won several awards, including the Czech Grand Design 2009 overall winner.
  • Library of the Faculty of Philosophy of Masaryk University Brno0 (map) – the building was projected by the Kuba & Pilař Studio1 in Brno. It is located in the inner premises of the Faculty of Philosophy and it is made mostly of concrete, oak, glass and metal. Vertical oak lamellas installed on the peripheral envelope of the building create a virtual curtain between the study rooms and the surrounding world. The dominating feature in the interior is a two-way staircase installed in a circular opening, which is led through all the floors. The construction was awarded with the main Grand Prix 2002 prize, awarded by the Architect Association.

Author: Petra Hubálková
Added: 09.10.2011

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Jewels of modern Czech architecture

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