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The longest
Baroque palace structure – Czernin Palace (Černínský palác) in Loretánské Square, façade length 150 meters
escalator – in Náměstí Míru metro station (Line A) - length 87,2 meters
cathedral nave – St Vitus Cathedral (Prague Castle), length 124 meters
distance between metro stations - Smíchovské nádraží - Radlická (Line B) - length 2.24 kilometers
bridge - Negrelli aquaduct (Prague 8), length 1,250 meters
square – Wenceslas Square (Václavské námesti) (Prague 1) - length 750 meters
block building – probably a building in Prague 8, Zelenohorská street (length 300 meters, 18 entrance doors)
brook - Rokytka, stream length 36.2 kilometers, of which 31.5 are in Prague territory; brook Botič - length 33.5 kilometers, of which 21 are in Prague territory
street - Plzeňská street, Prague 5, length 10.5 kilometers

The deepest
metro station - Náměstí Míru (Line A) - depth 53 meters
well – well in the Third Courtyard of Prague Castle – depth 70 meters

The shortest
distance between metro stations- Hlavní nádraží - Muzeum (Line C) - length 425 meters
bridge - Svatopluka Čecha (Prague 1) - length 169 meters
brook - Mariánský potůček near Male Chuchle (Prague 5) - length 1 kilometer
street - Boršov (Prague 1) - length 40 meters

The smallest
house - 1043/4 Anežská street (Prague 1) – street front 2.25 meters
nature reserve – Motol Ordovician (Prague 5) – total area 0.2 hectares
rotunda – of St
Longinus, Na Rybníčku street (Prague 2)
housing estate - Invalidovna (Prague 8 - Karlín) – less than 3,000 residents

The lowest
point - 172 meters above sea level (value 177 meters above sea level sometimes given)Suchdol - Drahanské valley (Prague 6), where the Vltava river leaves Prague territory (river bottom)  

The oldest
Baroque garden - Valdštejnská Garden
fountain preserved – The Singing Fountain (Royal Garden at Prague Castle) established in 1564-68)
hotel guest book - Radisson SAS Alcron hotel (Prague 1) – begun in 1932
cemetery - Vyšehrad (Prague 4) – established 1887
café - Slavia (Prague 1, Národní třída) – opened in the Lažanský Palace in 1881
meteorological observatory - Klementinum (Prague 1), keeping records since 1752
model of Prague - author Antonín Langweil, model created in 1826-34, on display in Museum of the Capital City of Prague
bridge – Charles Bridge (built 1357)
embankment – Smetanovo nábřeží (Prague 1) – built 1841-45
train station – Masaryk Station (in operation since 1845)
hospital - Na Františku (Prague 1) - from
department store –Haas House (Haasův dům), Na Příkopě Street - next to Koruna (Prague 1) - from
brewery - U Fleků (Prague 1, Křemencova street) – founded in
rotunda - Rotunda of St
. Martin at Vyšehrad (Prague 4) – 12th century
housing estate - Invalidovna (Prague 8 - Karlín) – built 1962-66
printing works - Hálkova street (Prague 1), founded by Dr. Eduard Grégr and son (
railway tunnel – single-track tunnel, south edge of Stromovka (Prague 6), designed by Jakub Hable, length 104 meters. Tunnel still working as part of the Masaryk Station – Kladno line

organ – Týn Church (Old Town Square, Prague 1), from 1673, made by Hans Heinrich Mundt (Germany)
water main (public) - established
1348, used gravity flow to bring water from the spring in today's Na rybníčku street to the fountains in Karlovo and Wenceslas squares (Prague 1 and 2)

The narrowest
house – Clementin Hotel,                                                                                                         
Seminářská street

The largest
administration building utilized by a single company - T-Mobile building (Prague 4 - Roztyly)
Baroque Palace – Wallenstein Palace (Valdštejnský palác) (Prague 1) – built 1624-30
Baroque garden – Wallenstein Garden (Valdštejnská zahrada) (Prague 1)
bronze horseback statue - Jan Žižka (on Vítkov hill, Prague 3 - Žižkov), author B. Kafka, height 9 meters, length 9.6 meters, width 5 meters
cathedral - St.
Vitus Cathedral (Prague Castle), built 1873-1929, length 124 meters, maximum width 60 meters, vault height 33 meters
square of Prague (and of the whole country) – Karlovo Square (Karlovo náměstí) (Prague 2) – total area 79,650 square meters
fireworks – New Year’s fireworks held January 1, 2003, launched from Letná
rose window – St. Vitus Cathedral (Prague Castle), diameter 10.4 meters
swimming pool – Podolí swimming pool (Prague 4 - Podolí)
floods - 1784
Romanesque space – Basilica of St
. George at Prague Castle
natural park - Klánovice - Čihadla (Prague 9) – including Cyrilov, Klánovický les, Počernický rybník, V Pískovně, Xaverský háj), surface area 907.7 hectares
orchard – Royal Enclosure (Královská obora), today's Stromovka (Prague 7), surface area 115 hectares
stadium – Strahov stadium (Prague 1) – surface area 310.5 by 202.5 meters
tennis center – Štvanice island (Prague 7)
bell - Zikmund (second story of St. Vitus Cathedral, maximum diameter 256 centimeters,
height 203 centimeters, weight 16,500 kilograms)
chimes – Loreto chimes (Prague 1, Loretánské Square), 30 bells in total

The highest number of
tombstones – the highest number of tombs of all Prague churches - Church of Our Lady before Tyn (Chrám Matky Boží před Týnem) (Old Town Square).

The tallest/highest 
hill -  Teleček near Zličín in direction to Chrášťany - 397 meters above sea level(altitude of 399 meters sometimes given)
building – former Czech Radio building at Pankrác (Prague  4) - height 109 meters, 30 floors.The building is no more in possession of Czech Radio
church vault – Church of Our Lady of the Snow (Prague 1, Jungmannovo Square)- distance between floor and vault 39 meters
bridge - Nuselský Bridge - length 485 meters, width 26 meters, heigth 40 meters
building – Žižkov TV tower (Prague 3) - 216 meters 

The first
archivist – K.J.Erben (compiled the first list of names of Prague public spaces)
articulated low-level bus (citybus) – first operated January 7, 2002
bus line – operation started on March 7, 1908 (Malostranské Square
 - Pohořelec)
botanical garden – 14th century - situated on the site of today’s Post Office on Jindřišská street (Prague 1)
reading room – opened January 27, 1775, on Karlova street (Prague 1)
long-distance flight to Prague – April 13, 1911, Dipl.Ing.
Jan Kašpar from Pardubice to Prague 5 - Chuchle, total distance 121 kilometers winged in 92 minutes
horse race -  Chuchle racecourse (Prague 5) put in operation in 1906
tram (so-called
Křižík tram) – operation started July 18, 1891 (from Letná to Královská obora), terminated in 1902
fire brigade – established 1853 in the Lesser Town, by the Lesser Town community court on Letenská street (Prague 1)
cinema – established September 5, 1907, by Viktor Ponrep at Modrá štika (Blue Pike House) on Karlova street (Prague 1)
bookshop (independent) – established by Tomáš Mitis z Limúz, a humanist and publisher of works of Bohuslav Hasištejnský of Lobkovice
Mitis' Bookshop would be situated at Charles College and the first inspection and seizure of non-Catholic books in Bohemia occurred there in 1571  
Horse railway – started in1875 from Poříčí Gate in Karlín (Prague 8) to the National Theater (Prague 1)
cableways – operation of two Prague cableways started in 1891.
First cableway ran to Letná (operation terminated in 1922), the second leading to Petřín (still in operation since last reconstruction in1985)
kindergarden – opened December 7, 1868, called ‘First municipal children’s nursery', situated in the Monastery of St.
James in Prague's Old Town
metro – operation started May 9, 1974
chain bridge over the Vltava -used to be situated where the Legií Bridge stands today (built 1831-41)
multiplex cinema – opened April 2, 1996, Arkalycká street, Prague 4
electrical streetlight - 
1884 - Wenceslas Square
Oil lamps -  1723 (121 lamps starting at Prague Castle, across Charles Bridge and the Old Town Square and finishing at the Mint on Celetná street
gas lighting – first 200 lamps were lit up September 15, 1847
dancing ball (public) – February 5, 1840, at Konvikt, Prague Old Town
Prague guidebook – published in
1615 by M. Martinic
horseback statue situated in public space - St
. George Struggling with the Dragon at PragueCastle in1373
traffic lights – situated between Jindřišská and Vodičkova streets (Prague 1) January 21, 1930
telephone book – published 1883
telephone station (public) - established
1882 in Pohl House ("U Pohlů") – corner of Ovocný trh and Havířská Street (Prague 1)
trolleybus line – operation started August 29, 1936, from Střešovice to the St. Matthew Church (Kostel sv.
Matěje; Prague 6)
public town gardens – Chotek Gardens (Chotkovy sady, Prague 1), founded 1833
public airplane flight – French pilot Gaubert October 2, 1910, in Chuchle (Prague 5)
jail – Pankrác jail (construction commissioned by Emperor Franz Joseph II in 1885, completed July 1889)
protectory and school for "nelected youth" – opened October 1, 1883, in Libeň manor, also the first institution of the kind in the Czech lands Jewish cemetery - so-called Jewish Garden on Vladislavova street, abolished 1478

(Prague 1) - width 3.28 meters



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