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Water mills

photo:  (Porčův Mlýn)

The clatter of a mill wheel was a quite frequent sound in the past. Today, water mills have turned into historical monuments, which have a unique charm and attract many visitors. You may see technologically perfect machines at many sites, which function properly despite their age. There are several such water mills on the territory of the Czech Republic.

Medieval mill Hoslovice
It is one of the oldest preserved water mills in Bohemia (Map) and dates back as early as 1352. As it has avoided any kind of modernisation, it is a genuinely unique object within the European scale. The complex consists of an original mill room with residential rooms, a barn and cowsheds, as well as a pond with a raceway, orchard and meadow. Visitors will learn many interesting facts from the everyday life of millers’ families and will meet all the domestic animals, which form an inseparable part of life at the mill and in the country.

Water mill in Roztoky near Semily
This typical example of a mill in the Krkonoše Region (Map) is situated in Fiedler’s Valley, which is named after a famous local mill family. This family owned the mill in question and the milling tradition was passed from father to son for an incredible period of nearly 300 years from 1658 to 1941. Today, we can discover a part of the history of milling and oven building there, while children can enjoy a number of fairy tale characters.

Mill Choteč
This beautiful Baroque mill (Map) from the 17th century is located only a few kilometres from Prague. Crops were milled here according to traditional procedures until 1951 and we can still see the preserved and perfectly functioning machines from the first half of the 20th century. Visitors can enjoy various organised events, such as the Mill Day, art workshops or bread baking course.

Porč Mill in Býkovice
The current appearance of the mill (Map) is a result of a thorough reconstruction according to plans from 1820 to 1850. The local machines were already non-functional, so different devices were moved there from another mill and the pond in the direct vicinity was also reconstructed. Visitors may enjoy an exhibition dedicated to the history of the mill and its reconstruction or go fishing. Those who catch a fish can have it grilled at the fisherman’s tavern.

Author: Petra Hubálková
Added: 06.08.2012

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Water mills

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