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Jizerské Mountains

photo:  (mojefoto.cz)

The Jizerské Mountains are the northernmost Czech mountain range. It is a region of steep, rocky slopes, somber marshland and never-ending forests. The region is wild in its prehistoric preservation yet has been settled by people for ages.


Location:  northeast part of Bohemia, along the Polish border.

This was what the landscape was like in 1968, when, for its own protection, it was declared the Jizerské Mountains protected landscape area, one of the oldest in the Czech Republic.

The Jizerské Mountains provide us with a landscape of contrasts. In the past, and especially in past decades, the high plateau underwent dramatic development when, as a result of industrial air pollution, insect pests and ecologically unsuitable management in the forests, large-scale deforestation occurred.

The mixed mountain forests here were replaced with pine monocultures and these subsequently by extensive growths of replacement tree species, especially North American blue spruce.

On the contrary, many unique ecosystems have been preserved, especially the mountainous marshland – a high moor with many typical plant species, including remnants of the last ice age and some legally protected species. The northern slopes are covered with mixed and deciduous forests where beech is predominant – the Jizerské beech woods are unparalleled in terms of area in the whole of the Czech Republic. There are many remarkable species of animals on the southern side of the mountain range, which help to make up the natural environment along with the forests.

The landscape character of the Jizerské Mountains is completed by its agricultural landscape, rich and varied meadow associations and valuable folk architecture monuments.

The aim of protection at the moment is the preservation of parts of the natural environment, the revitalization of disturbed ecosystems and restoration of the natural balance between the natural, historical and cultural characteristics of the landscape.

Natural trails

There are four nature trails within the territory of the protected landscape area. The first leads visitors past the natural monument of Pod Dračím vrchem, where there are many yew trees, which naturally multiply here. The second leads to the western part of the complex of the Jizerské Mountain beech woods, through the Stržový vrch and Špičák nature reserves. In addition to getting to know the nature, the route in the area of Nové Město pod Smrkem also offers the option to stretch your limbs at various stops. The oldest nature trail is to be found in the surroundings of Jizerka. This shows the geological and botanical uniqueness of Bukovka and leads through the Jizerka Marshland Nature Reserve. This nature trail area is not accessible in the winter.

Area: 368 km²
Height above sea level: 325 meters (Frýdlant)
1,124 meters (Smrk)



Added: 14.01.2010

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