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photo:  (mojefoto.cz)

It is possible to spend your time in the country visiting farms that concentrate on growing crops or at farmsteads where cattle are bred.


They all have something in common – you will become part of the family and the farm, get to test the crops, and children will be able to play with house pets and learn about farm animals.

Most farms also keep horses, which can often be used for short rides or all-day trips. Many farms offer you and your family the chance to learn about environmentalism, i.e. through eco-farming and the production of organic food.

Corporate agrotourism

Corporate events in the countryside have many benefits and are increasingly popular. When a company organizes a training seminar or conference in the countryside, you can expect a more peaceful atmosphere, a homey environment that helps people relax, and many opportunities for recreation and team building.


There are many accommodation options in agrotourism, from tents to caravans to simple huts and family-run hotels.

The quality of Czech agrotourism services have to date mostly been appreciated by tourists from Belgium and the Netherlands. We can say that all satisfied customers have one thing in common: They come to enjoy this type of vacation since they expect a quiet and peaceful environment where they can be close to nature and farm life.



Added: 05.01.2010

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