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Get to know Bohemia on horseback!

photo:  (czechtourism.cz)

The most beautiful view of the world is allegedly from horseback. But it isn’t enough to simply get on a horse and ride it round an enclosure somewhere at a fair. You can visit new places and experience the beautiful countryside with a horse – or more precisely on a horse. There is plenty to see in our country and you can go almost anywhere on horseback!

Equestrian tourism is developing at an unbelievable rate in the Czech Republic. There are tens of stables, horse riding clubs or farms where you can hire a horse and set out on a ride through the countryside. You can investigate practically every square centimetre of our beautiful country on horseback.

Horse-riding trails - several kilometres long, where you can safely ride on horseback - have begun to appear in this country in recent years. The trails are specially marked. Signs also show you where you can stable your horse while you have a meal, or where you can find accommodation for yourself and your horse and of course point out information about sights to see and other places of interest in the surrounding countryside. The horse trails in the Šumava Region (map) are very beautiful for example.

A large number of farms and stables offer their clients programs of several days duration along with accommodation. During their stay visitors can ride out into the surrounding area on horseback and activities for complete beginners as well as for x4 western riding x4 enthusiasts are available. You can also get to know the Giant Mountains (map) from horseback, while some stables offer x6 hippotherapy x6 or physiotherapy.

Prices vary from 200 CZK per hour. A day-long trip with lunch will cost you from 1500 CZK.

Author: Andrea Kábelová
Added: 15.07.2010

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