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There are numerous places in the Czech Republic (such as water dams, artificial water reservoirs and lakes) that offer excellent conditions for various water sports. Water sports equipment for windsurfing and yachting can can be rented from local sport clubs and at campsites.


The natural water areas and dam reservoirs in the Czech Republic offer excellent opportunities for bathing, recreational swimming, windsurfing and yachting.

Water sports fans can find ideal conditions for a variety of water sports, especially on the valley dam lakes, the largest of which is Lake Lipno in South Bohemia.

The lakesides are dotted with recreational centers with hotels, guesthouses, chalet camps and campsites offering various categories of accommodation and catering as well as sports equipment rentals.

The most popular water areas


Lipno is located in South Bohemia on the Vltava River. This valley dam reservoir offers excellent conditions for water sports, camping and sports fishing. The lake is located near the Šumava National Parkand includes many significant architectural sights (Vyšší Brod, Český Krumlov).

The lake's left bank between the villages of Lipno and Horní Planá is used for recreation and summer sports; boats and pedal-boats can be rented. A port for regular shipping transportation and the large Marina Lipno yacht anchorage are available here. A long-distance cycling trail, that links up with the Šumava Cyclists' Highway, runs around Lake Lipno.

More information is available by visiting http://www.lipensko.cz/.


A trough-shaped reservoir cut into a deep valley enclosed by steep wooden slopes and rock precipices. The lake is surrounded by the picturesque serene landscape of the central Povltaví area.

It provides excellent conditions for bathing, windsurfing, yachting, rowing (the dam is equipped with a lift  for sports boats) and sports angling.

Between the reservoir and Podolsko, transportation by ships operates from April till October - in particular, we recommend taking a tour to Orlík Chateau or Zvíkov Castle.


This valley dam reservoir on the Vltava River, located 18 kilometers west of Benešov, offers many opportunities for bathing, yachting, rowing, water skiing and windsurfing.

Regular shipping transportation is operated from the dam via Kamýk to Solenice.


Located 7 kilometers from Cheb on the Odrava River, this dam reservoir provides opportunities for recreation as well as all kinds of water sports. The lush natural environment and the proximity of spa towns and historical towns (Mariánské Lázně, Františkovy Lázně, Cheb) offer an exceptional tourist and cultural experience.


This valley reservoir on the Mže River is located in a charming landscape, less than 19 kilometers west of the West Bohemian metropolis Plzeň. Jesenice is easily accessible, has its own shipping transportation and is favored especially by windsurfing, yachting and rowing enthusiasts.


Skalka is a valley reservoir west of Cheb in a plain, wooded and protected valley not far from Františkovy Lázně and the border crossing with Germany in Pomezí nad Ohří. It offers good conditions for sports fishing and nearly all kinds of water sports. The best suitable area for bathing is situated in Podhoří, from where recreational shipping transportation operates and rentals of boat and sports equipment are available.


This dam reservoir on the Ohře River is ideal for bathing, yachting, water skiing and angling. Not far from the reservoir there are archaeological localities with finds dating from 4000 BC.

Máchovo jezero (Mácha´s Lake)

This natural lake is a very popular recreational area located in North Bohemia. Large sandy beaches, woods and romantic environs (Doksy Chateau, Bezděz Castle) surround it. It has plentiful support facilities indispensable for water sports (several yacht clubs, boat rentals) and tennis courts. Summer festivities and social events take place here during the whole tourist season.


Vranov is located in the deep narrow valley of the Dyje River, less than 15 kilometers northwest of Znojmo in South Moravia. It extends in a beautiful hilly landscape with numerous bays, which are ideal for sports angling. The lake has good conditions for yachting, rowing and windsurfing; regular shipping transportation also operates from here.

Above the dam reservoir, there are the ruins of Cornštejn Castle; below the lake is the recreational resort of Vranov nad Dyjí, which has a monumental chateau.

Nové Mlýny

This cascade of three reservoirs on the Dyje River in South Moravia offers ideal conditions for yachting (an open, windy water area). The reservoirs are located in a plain landscape of vineyards with a warm climate and rich cultural background (Mikulčice, Pálava, wine cellars).

Těrlická dam

The Těrlická dam was completed in 1962 on the Stonávce River, not far from the town of Havířov. This artificial lake covers an area of four square kilometers. Four public beaches, a water sports area, fishing provide ample opportunity for recreation. Facilities also include campsites, accommodation and moorage.


This flat reservoir on the Lučina River with grassy beaches is located in a shallow sheltered sun-lit valley, 5 kilometers south of Havířov, in the Moravian-Silesian region. It is used for bathing, yachting, windsurfing and sports angling. Boat and paddle-boat rental, a restaurant and a chalet camp are available.



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Water sports

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