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New comprehensive map of ski resorts

photo:  (czechtourism.com)

The Czech Republic has a new unique map for ski enthusiasts at www.ski-map.net. It is a user-friendly information system that offers as much information as possible about all Czech resorts and the most popular Alpine resorts, too.

The map enables people to see and zoom in all ski slopes, lifts and cableways. You may also virtually examine the terrain of the chosen ski resort, get an overall impression about t and also see its location in comparison with other ski centres in the area. The map works on the basis of Google Earth, so you can turn it into 3D, too.

You will find the ski resort you are looking for either from an alphabetically-arranged database or by entering the resort’s characteristics in individual search (country, resort, location, minimal length of ski slopes, minimal altitude and height of snow). Having chosen the resort, you will see the size of the resort (all ski slopes and cableways), the current weather and forecast, the snow situation or life videos from web-cameras placed directly in the resort. There is detailed information about each ski slope, cableway and lift on the map. You will find their altitude profiles, lengths and vertical distances and after clicking on the curve of their profile also the altitude and precise position on the map.

The website also includes search for directions on entering the starting and destination point and for accommodation in the resorts.

You can find more information here.
Author: Petra Hubálková
Added: 29.01.2012

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New comprehensive map of ski resorts

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