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Šternberk Exposition of Time

photo:  (expozicecasu.cz)

The unique Exposition of Time project, which attracts visitors to the city of Šternberk, will lead you from the Big Bang to the atomic clock. 

The Exposition of Time does not only introduce clocks as themselves, but time as a phenomenon on the whole. It all starts in a room with the Universe, where you can construct a planetary system, touch clock models, discover how they are delayed or speeded up, the weight is wound up, etc.

The exhibition presents 250 exhibits from 20 Czech and world museums, such as a model of an atomic clock lent by the Greenwich Royal Observatory. The Regional Museum in Olomouc, the National Technical Museum in Prague and the Jewish Museum in Prague have also provided exhibits for the exposition.

Visitors have an opportunity to learn about fields of knowledge such as astronomy, physics, mechanics, chemistry, philosophy, history and even music. You can listen to the sound of 288 bells from all over the Czech Republic. People can choose which bell they want to hear and listen to its tone. It was bells that used to designate time as clocks and watches were only available to the rich.

The Exposition of Time also features a model of an astronomical clock which, apart from the clock face, also provides a view of the Universe, the stages of the Moon and the signs of the zodiac. There are also rare and unique exhibits such as the Jewish clock that runs backwards or the clock in a cartridge.

The Exposition of Time in Šternberk was opened at the magic time and date of 11 November 2011 at 11 am and offers fun and knowledge in the form of a story that associates the history of the Earth and mankind. Visitors will be able to take a glance into the Universe, where time began 14 billion years ago with the Big Bang. They can test their knowledge about the Solar System by the means of an interactive game. 

The city of Šternberk was awarded as the Historical Town of the Year for 2008. It is well known for its monuments, such as the Church of the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary, Šternberk Castle, as well as for clock production and the enterprise Ecce Homo.
Author: Andrea Kábelová
Source: www.expozicecasu.cz
Added: 03.08.2012

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