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Icefalls and ice climbing in the Czech Republic

Ice climbing is a special branch of rock climbing which lies in, as the name suggests, climbing exclusively icy massifs created either from waterfalls or water running in rocks. However, most locations offer a combination of ice surfaces and rocks.

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The inclusion of industrial structures in Ostrava to the UNESCO World Heritage List is planned for 2010.

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Aviation sports

The beauty and variability of the Bohemian and Moravian landscape in the Czech Republic can be seen not only from the…

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Water sports

There are numerous places in the Czech Republic (such as water dams, artificial water reservoirs and lakes) that offer…

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It is possible to spend your time in the country visiting farms that concentrate on growing crops or at farmsteads…

Where to go, what to visit?


Beskydy is a landscape of mountain ridges, deep valleys, gurgling streams and small rivers, wide forests, flowering…

Interesting places
Interesting places

Jeseníky Mountains

The Jeseníky Mountains is unique for its floristic richness, which is caused mainly by the altitude division and…

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Preserved water and wetland ecosystems in Poodří are important for migratory birds as well as for many endangered…

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Where to go, what to visit?

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